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May 7, 2018

NS1’s Pulsar Wins Best of Interop Award 2018

Intelligent routing engine Pulsar 2.0 honored for innovation in the Infrastructure category

NEW YORK, NY – May 7, 2018 – NS1, the leader in next generation DNS solutions, was selected as the winner for the 2018 Best of Interop Awards in the Infrastructure category for Pulsar 2.0, its cloud-based routing engine that uses real user monitoring data to enable intelligent traffic management decisions. The awards recognize companies that have made significant technological advancements in some of the most important facets of the IT industry.

As modern infrastructure becomes more diverse and distributed, companies need a means of intelligently routing traffic that is simple to implement and manage. This is especially true for organizations with a global presence and those with high content delivery needs. NS1 with Pulsar is the only managed DNS solution that allows enterprises to easily route traffic to multiple CDNs and cloud facilities based on availability, performance and business logic.

“When it comes to modern application delivery, downtime is not an option, and even milliseconds of latency can dramatically impact user experience, brand reputation and the bottom line. Unfortunately, internet performance is highly variable and often unreliable, especially in countries with fragmented connectivity markets,” said Kris Beevers, co-founder and CEO of NS1. “NS1 with Pulsar 2.0 is the only integrated DNS solution that detects and dynamically adjusts for conditions on the internet, at CDNs and in cloud services, in order to ensure optimal performance and maximum uptime. The Best of Interop award reflects the innovation behind our approach to next generation DNS and intelligent traffic management.”

Pulsar has an immediate impact on application performance. Unlike traditional solutions that rely exclusively on static traffic routing techniques such as geotargeting, Pulsar applies real-time performance and availability telemetry automatically and securely collected from dozens of CDNs and public clouds operating in every internet market to optimize routing decisions instantly.

The Best of Interop Awards were judged by an expert panel consisting of IT practitioners, analysts and IT journalists. Each category was assigned dedicated judges who evaluated the entries according to market impact, distinctiveness and ability to address customer needs. Winners were announced at Interop ITX on May 3 in Las Vegas.

About NS1

NS1 is the leader in next generation DNS solutions that orchestrate the delivery of the world’s most critical internet and enterprise applications. Only NS1’s purpose-built platform, which is built on a modern API-first architecture, transforms DNS into an intelligent, efficient and automated system, driving dramatic gains in reliability, resiliency, security and performance of application delivery infrastructure. Many of the highest-trafficked sites and largest global enterprises trust NS1, including Salesforce, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Nielsen, Squarespace, Pandora and The Guardian. Visit to learn more.

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