DNS Traffic Management

Rethink DNS-based traffic management with NS1’s Filter Chain

NS1’s advanced DNS technology hits a sweet spot that combines power, flexibility, and usability, enabling you to configure complex, customized traffic management algorithms perfectly suited to your application and network.

Hone your traffic rules using dozens of configurable filters

NS1’s DNS filters are like little programs that run inline for every DNS query. They are attached directly to RFC-compliant DNS records. Each DNS record can have many IP addresses associated with it. The filter chain engine in the NS1 platform selects the best response based on easy to configure rules you define. This gives you the power to route users based on which result will deliver the fastest response, highest throughput, or optimize CDN usage. Other DNS providers cannot do this. They rely on their own proprietary DNS record types for one-off routing strategies that are inflexible and are extremely difficult to scale. NS1’s filters are easily combined and re-ordered to build complex algorithms tailored to your precise business requirements.