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An API to power your network

Customize, integrate, and automate network services with the best API of any authoritative DNS provider

An API that's comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use

“API first” isn’t just a slogan at NS1. Every line of our code starts life as an API. NS1’s API isn’t limited by connections to legacy architectures - it is our architecture

One API, all of NS1

Our entire solution is served by one API, so you can manage every part of your network infrastructure using the same set of commands, even as you scale

Developer experience

DevOps teams expect an API that matches their velocity. We put a lot of effort into documenting our API, so even the most complex API-related tasks are simple to implement


NS1’s REST API uses simple key/header-based authentication. Make API calls easily from any language or even the shell


View full documentation on the NS1 API, API examples, and client libraries

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Features of the NS1 API

Our API isn’t just window dressing - the majority of NS1 customers actively use it to integrate network services into their network ecosystem

Speedy automatic propagation

NS1’s global network propagates changes through our API in seconds, eliminating the risk of broken applications and user experiences

Capacity for days

On an average day, NS1 handles between two and four million API calls. We’ve seen individual customers make 2.5m DNS changes through our API on high traffic days, which we handle with plenty of capacity to spare

API-based traffic steering

With NS1, you can route DNS traffic by plugging data feeds into our API - a more flexible, programmable option than using the DNS protocol itself

Terraform & Ansible integration

Empower DevOps teams to deploy authoritative DNS changes at scale through our integrations with popular automation platforms

What you can do with the NS1 API

Create, delete, modify, and examine all your DNS zones

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Import a BIND-compatible zone file

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Create and manage DNS records, including records with complex traffic steering logic

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Pull real-time query metrics and other stats for your zones and records

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Manage data sources and feeds, and push traffic management data directly to NS1’s global edge locations

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Manage your NS1 Monitors and get live and historical status and metrics for your monitoring jobs

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Manage account users, permissions, and teams

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