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Application Traffic Intelligence and Automation

Cloud-native, flexibly deployed, cloud-managed solutions to connect applications and audiences, everywhere

Making applications faster, more reliable, and more secure, everywhere

NS1 provides a suite of solutions that helps innovative companies build an intelligent, automated and resilient foundation to manage, deliver and optimize application traffic. Our solutions help organizations modernize IT infrastructures, realize cloud scale efficiencies, and improve performance, security, and reliability, leading to exceptional application experiences.

A Modern Foundation Built for Complex, Distributed Edge Environments

We operate the industry's most advanced, globally anycast, secure authoritative DNS network with blazing fast performance backed by a 100% uptime SLA. Our DDI solution leverages the same technology stack to deliver network services without the complexity and overhead of appliances.

Hero Managed DNS

NS1 Application Traffic and Automation Solutions

Our solutions are built to optimize the delivery of the world's applications at the distributed edge.

They offer unprecedented control and visibility, and ingest network and user performance data to make real-time decisions, making it easy to deploy and managed distributed network services.

Cloud-Native Network Services

Centrally managed, software defined network services, such as DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI), for distributed, cloud-connected organizations.

Edge-to-Cloud Networking

Consistent, comprehensive, and secure application connectivity across all network footprints through our Managed DNS, Dedicated DNS, Private DNS, and DNS for China.

Application Traffic Automation

Intelligent and automated application traffic steering both inside and outside your organization through our VPN Traffic Steering, Global Traffic Management, and Pulsar Active Traffic Steering solutions.

NS1 Connects the World's Applications and Audiences

Our cloud-native network services, edge to-cloud networking, and application traffic optimization technologies enable incredible user experiences, drive IT efficiency and modernization, and drive enterprise and application reliability and security.

The NS1 Technology Difference

Solutions for the Edge to the Cloud

We are the only vendor with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that extends from the enterprise edge to the cloud.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

We operate within and integrate with your environment without any vendor lock-in.

One Platform for External and Internal Services

We allow you to consolidate vendors and technology by providing a unified way to manage your internal and external services.

Data-Driven Traffic Management

We make data actionable by consuming internet, infrastructure and community data and providing a powerful policy engine to drive meaningful traffic steering actions.

Industry-Leading DNS Solutions for China

Our Managed DNS for China is the only best-in-class Managed DNS platform with traffic steering inside the territory.

Next-Generation Monitoring Capabilities

Gain visibility and insights into your internal and external application delivery performance to help improve IT efficiency and security.

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Outsmart the complexity of your network infrastructure at our 3rd annual, one-day virtual event that brings together industry experts, business leaders, and technology visionaries

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