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Authoritative DNS that powers your business

Improve user experience, add resilience, and lower costs with premium authoritative DNS and traffic steering solutions

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Our authoritative DNS solutions do more than "just work". Deliver lightning-fast, seamless experiences for your users with high performance traffic steering, actionable data insights, redundant failover systems, specialized routing for mainland China, and more - all in a single platform and robust API.

Managed DNS

Optimize performance with a managed DNS service that’s reliable, secure, and easy to use

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Traffic Steering

Optimize DNS connections to improve performance, lower costs, and add resilience

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Dedicated DNS

Additional protection against downtime through a physically and logically separated external DNS service, managed through a single control plane

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DNS for China

Optimize network connections across the “Great Firewall”

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DNS Insights

Gain targeted, actionable information from your DNS data - giving you the power to troubleshoot and optimize your network in real-time

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Our customers do more with DNS

An API that's comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use

One API, all of NS1

Our entire solution is served by one API, so you can manage every part of your network infrastructure using the same set of commands, even as you scale

Developer experience

DevOps teams expect an API that matches their velocity. We put a lot of effort into documenting our API, so even the most complex API-related tasks are simple to implement


NS1’s REST API uses simple key/header-based authentication. Make API calls easily from any language or even the shell

Educational resources

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Global DNS traffic report: Insights into the health of networks in 2023

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How to improve network resilience With NS1 Filter Chains

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Implementing resilient DNS without the management hassle

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