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Smart Network Control

Transform your network into the foundation of innovation

The traffic management capabilities of your network define the capabilities of your business. NS1 delivers high performance, flexible, reliable network services that power business outcomes.

What We Offer

Our easy to use platform offers the programmable, API-first architecture that powers network automation

Smart Application Control

Deliver the best user experience across all your internet applications, services, and content with the industry-leading platform for external DNS.

Managed DNS

Optimize performance with a managed DNS service that’s reliable, secure, and easy to use.

Traffic Steering

Optimize DNS connections to improve performance, lower costs, and add resilience.

Dedicated DNS

Additional protection against downtime through a physically and logically separated external DNS service, managed through a single control plane.

DNS for China

Optimize network connections across the “Great Firewall”

Smart Edge Control

Manage complexity on the network edge with modular, cloud-managed, programmable, serverless network services

Edge DNS

Coming soon! Deploy DNS as a modular services on the edge, with centralized management in the cloud.

NetBox Cloud: Network Source of Truth

Establish an authoritative source of truth for network infrastructure with a robust IPAM system, paired with the industry standard for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Orb: Edge Observability

An open source tool for dynamic observability on the network edge, using a “small data” approach that delivers valuable insights with lower operational costs.

Innovation @ NS1 Labs

At NS1, we’re shaping the future of networks with forward-looking projects and experiments. Here are some of the lines of effort that are currently in development at NS1 Labs.

NS1 LABS hero


An observability agent designed for the network edge - a companion piece for Orb.


A lightweight, fast, configurable tool for functional testing, benchmarking, and stress testing DNS servers and networks.

DNS-over-QUIC to UDP Proxy

Experimental proxy to convert DNS-over-QUIC DNS queries into standard UDP DNS queries

Featured Resources

How to Optimize Application Delivery Performance with DNS

Learn how and why optimizing your application delivery performance starts with leveraging application traffic intelligence and automation at the DNS layer.

NetBox: The Foundation of Network Automation at NS1

The journey to continuously deliver a reliable network & how NS1 uses NetBox.

DNS Traffic Steering 201: Advanced Traffic Steering with Pulsar

Our powerful traffic steering gives network administrators the power to lower costs, improve performance, and ensure high availability through customizable routing rules

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