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DNS is too important to use outdated technology. We innovate so that you can automate and optimize.

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The NS1 platform transforms DNS into an intelligent and automated orchestration system in your application delivery stack, giving you new ways to manage traffic, balance load, achieve resiliency and modernize infrastructure.

We know your work is challenging, yet interesting. You have important applications and content to deliver, and you don't fully control the infrastructure serving your users. Changes happen - they must happen - all the time, all over the world. So failure would be inevitable, if not for you and your team.

Those realities inspire everything we provide in our products and services. Our platform is built on a modern API-first architecture with easy-to-use user interfaces so you can automate and work more efficiently. We offer 100x the traffic routing options compared to any other DNS provider, so you can optimize for the long tail, everywhere, for all kinds of content. We took a unique approach to DNSSEC and other security features, making sure they work with critical capabilities like active failover or geographic traffic routing. And we've been told that our support "sets the bar" for other software providers.

We've earned the right to be a critical component of modern application delivery at enterprise scale for thousands of organizations, and we would be pleased to be able to do the same for yours.

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