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The Best Managed DNS for China, period.

Get a 3x performance boost for your Mainland China audience

Optimized performance and full traffic management capabilities across the "Great Firewall"

Provide users in mainland China with over 3x faster performance than any other authoritative DNS offering. Managed DNS for China is powered by name servers in key markets including Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, making it the fastest DNS for China on the market.

Industry leading features

Managed DNS for China provides granular control over traffic routing, robust monitoring, data feeds, and third party integrations

Name server acceleration

Solve DNS performance issues introduced by the "Great Firewall" by directing local traffic to servers within China while directing traffic from the rest of the world to NS1’s Managed DNS network. The result: faster and more reliable DNS in mainland China and elsewhere.

Unified management

Avoid the hassle of balancing two DNS systems. DNS for China sits right alongside your primary Managed DNS network, giving you the power to manage both systems from a single control plane.

Real-time propagation

Changes to records, monitors, and data feeds are propagated to DNS delivery nodes in seconds.

Faster DNS response times

Managed DNS for China offers DNS response times that are over 3x faster when compared to other global managed and cloud-based DNS providers.

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