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The Best Managed DNS for China, Period.

Get a 10x Performance Boost for Your Mainland China Audience

NS1 is the world's first DNS platform to offer full modern Traffic Management capabilities locally for users in China. Managed DNS for China is powered by delivery nodes in key markets including Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Shenzhen, making it the fastest DNS for China on the market.

​Get All of NS1's Industry-Leading Features

Managed DNS for China provides complete Filter Chain™ technology for granular control over traffic routing, robust monitoring, data feeds, all NS1 third party Integrations, and the ability to leverage Pulsar telemetry-based routing.

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Name Server Acceleration

Unique from NS1, Name Server Acceleration solves Chinese DNS performance issues introduced by the Great Firewall of China. Name Server Acceleration ensures DNS queries do not need to traverse the Great Firewall regardless of their source or the domain being queried. The result is faster and more reliable DNS for China.

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Unified Management with NS1’s Managed DNS Platform

Zone and record management is offered through NS1’s modern, easy-to-use managed DNS portal.

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Full API Support with Real-Time Propagation

Changes to records, monitors, and Data Feeds are propagated to DNS delivery nodes in seconds.

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Faster DNS Response Times

Managed DNS for China offers DNS response times that are 10 to 15x faster when compared to other industry-leading providers.

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Our Plans.

Let us show you how Managed DNS for China can have an immediate impact for your Chinese audience.

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Our Services

Our team is happy to help you migrate to Managed DNS for China, optimize it for performance and automate it for better efficiency.

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