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Dedicated DNS Network

Physically and logically separate next-generation Dedicated DNS provisioned just for you, anywhere. Enterprises have the advantage of two physically separate DNS networks that are totally synchronized, while avoiding the challenges and manual effort associated with the management of features between dual providers. NS1's Dedicated DNS provides a simple all-in-one solution for modern enterprises seeking DNS redundancy.

Full Traffic Management and Security Features

The dedicated DNS solution includes every feature of the NS1 platform, including our API, Filter Chain technology for granular traffic routing, Data Feeds, and DNSSEC. You don't need to sacrifice performance and security for resiliency with NS1.

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Rock-Solid Assurance in One Pane of Glass

Manage all your Dedicated DNS & traffic management in the same cloud control plane you use with NS1's Managed DNS and get the industry's best solution for security and reliability: dual provider, dual-network DNS delivery without the management gymnastics.

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Physically and Logically Separate Dedicated Management Network

Your Dedicated DNS solution will be provisioned on a physically and logically separate dedicated management network just for you and is unaffected by any potential impact from other NS1 customers' DNS.

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Our Dedicated DNS Plans

Dedicated DNS is designed to your exact specifications, and can span the world, or a country or region. Get in touch for a free consultation and quotation.

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Explore Our Services.

Onboarding, Migration, Optimization, Premium Support

Whether your goals are resiliency or privacy or both, our team is happy to help you migrate to Dedicated DNS, optimize it for performance and automate it for better efficiency.

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