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DNS that's always on

Add a separated, redundant DNS layer for extra protection against downtime

NS1’s Dedicated DNS keeps you up and running with a native secondary DNS resolution infrastructure for seamless continuity of operations, even when disaster strikes. It’s all managed from the same control plane, so you don’t have to constantly switch between systems.

A dedicated resolution network for external DNS

Single tenant

Every Dedicated DNS client gets their own redundant network. Never worry about how someone else’s network issues impact your operations.

Dedicated DNS Rock Solid Assurance compressed

Physical and logical separation

We’ve taken every precaution to keep large-scale outages from impacting your Dedicated DNS network through a strict air gap.

Dedicated DNS Physically and Logically Separate compressed

The complete NS1 package

Every Dedicated DNS instance contains everything you love about NS1. All that functionality seamlessly rolls over to your dedicated network.

Webpage Graphics DNS and App Traffic Management Dedicated DNS Single Pane of Glass


NS1 delivers DNSSEC signing across standard and Dedicated DNS instances without compromising the air gap between networks. Zones are signed on both the Dedicated and managed network nodes, something not easily accomplished with multiple vendors.

Webpage Graphics DNS and App Traffic Management Dedicated DNS Single Tenancy

Single management plane

Avoid the hassle of balancing two DNS systems. Dedicated DNS sits right alongside your primary Managed DNS network, giving you the power to manage both systems from NS1 Connect.

Webpage Graphics DNS and App Traffic Management Dedicated DNS Traffic Management and Security

Our Dedicated DNS Plans

Dedicated DNS is designed to your exact specifications, and can span the world, or a country or region. Get in touch for a free consultation and quotation.

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