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Improve Network Resilience and Uptime

Guard against outages with resilient, redundant network services

Service outages are a major event for any business

Revenue, brand reputation, and (let's face it) the jobs of the IT team are all on the line. And given the growing complexity of your infrastructure, true network resilience can feel further out of reach than ever before.

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The rising cost of downtime

40% of enterprises report an hour of downtime costs them in excess of $1 million

Outages have only grown more severe

76% of IT leaders experienced an incident in the past two years that required an IT disaster-recovery plan

...And they've also grown more frequent

50% of the same IT leaders surveyed had experienced two such incidents in the past two years

NS1 delivers secure, resilient DNS with a 100% uptime SLA to keep your business online, all the time

Blunt the impact of DDoS attacks with resilient network systems

When you outsource your authoritative DNS, you get massive network scale that would be cost-prohibitive to build and maintain your own. When high traffic events (like DDoS attacks) hit, you need a sophisticated, resilient network that continues to answer every DNS query promptly. NS1 provides that resilient, scalable network at a fraction of the cost of building it on your own.

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Capacity for days

We handle 1 million queries per second on a slow day!

100% uptime SLA

NS1's network is built with resilient, redundant systems to keep you constantly up and running

DDoS protection options

Protect yourself against DDoS-related charges with an optional coverage plan

Data-driven insights

Scour your DNS data for early indications of DDoS activity

Avoid service deprecations and disruptions with automated traffic steering

One of the primary advantages of using multiple clouds and CDNs is the ability to divert traffic to the best performing, most available services at any given moment. NS1's sophisticated traffic steering technology, driven by real user monitoring (RUM) data, helps you avoid downtime associated with service outages and deprecations

  • Real user monitoring (RUM) data: NS1 relies on RUM data - not synthetically produced information - to deliver accurate, timely decisions based on service availability
  • Maintain consistent end user experiences: NS1's customizable traffic steering logic avoids performance challenges associated with "flutter" between content providers
  • Real-time decisions: NS1 steers traffic quickly and automatically, providing a seamless user experience regardless of turmoil in back-end systems
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Add network redundancy, subtract the management hassle

Every network team needs a failover plan for when disaster strikes. Ideally, that means having a completely separate, pristine, fully featured network that's always ready to roll. Building a network like this yourself would be expensive to create and a pain to manage. Thankfully, NS1 has you covered with a redundant network option that's managed through a single control plane.

Redundant 2x min

Physically and logically separate

NS1's Dedicated DNS network is completely walled off, providing a fresh slate when your primary network is compromised

All of NS1

Just because it's a failover option doesn't mean it's second-rate. Maintain access to all the features and functionality of NS1 you depend on, including our best-of breed traffic steering

Single control plane

Two networks, one UI. No need to build out and support a translation layer.


Leveraging our pioneering work on a new standard, you can run DNSSEC with multiple signers, across NS1 and other DNS providers

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