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Meet NS1, an IBM Company

Our premium DNS and traffic steering solutions empower companies to turn the workhorse of their network into an engine of innovation

What this means in practice

Keep your business online - and your users reliably connected

Improve the overall resilience of your network with scalable services, intelligent traffic steering, and true redundancy

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Enhance end-user experiences - at a lower cost

Optimize network performance with our API-first design and fast, highly customizable traffic routing

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Our leadership team

We're led by a team with decades of internet infrastructure experience

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David Coffey

Chief Product Officer

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Alex Vayl

Co-Founder & Chief of Staff

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Ryan Davis


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Lorraine Heber-Brause

CHRO, Global Head of People

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Andy Hershey

Chief Revenue Officer

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Nancy Goudreau


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Reggie Best

VP of Product

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Kathleen Foreman

VP of Operations

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Emily Nerland

VP of Global Sales

Company News

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NS1 celebrates 10 years as leading premium DNS provider

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NS1’s global DNS traffic report reveals public resolvers dominate the internet

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NS1 introduces new solution for deep DNS observability

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