About Us

If you’re here, chances are you care about the deep, underlying technologies that power the internet. Well, you’re in good company.

NS1 was founded by a team of hardcore infrastructure geeks who – after having built global content delivery networks, public cloud platforms, infrastructure APIs, and even robots – decided that the DNS and traffic management space was ripe for innovation.


The idea behind NS1 is simple: DNS is ubiquitous and the ingress point for almost every website and application. That makes DNS an ideal place to make intelligent traffic management decisions to improve application performance, and enable the dynamic infrastructure common in today’s environments.

At NS1, we’ve built the world’s most intelligent DNS and traffic management solution, enabling our customers to take unparalleled control over their traffic and infrastructure.

By leveraging real time user, network, and infrastructure data, NS1 is able to offer highly customizable routing setups for the most advanced applications on the internet.

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Our Integrations

Beyond our core platform technology, we’re also easy to get along with, offering native integrations with leading DevOps tools and vendors and enabling application specific integration through our full featured APIs.

We’re engineers and we love automation and seamless integrations in our stack. We’ve built NS1 for engineers who are building applications at scale, where automation is critical.

NS1 is trusted by some of the highest trafficked sites on the Internet, including Salesforce, Yelp, Imgur, MaxCDN, Dropbox, PulsePoint, and many more.


NS1's mission is to provide precision control over application delivery. We value our inquisitive, positive, fun-loving team and express and embrace our culture in our interactions with our customers and each other.