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Put your best network forward with DNS traffic steering

Improve performance, control costs, add resilience

Deliver a better user experience with highly customizable traffic steering

Your users expect lightning fast, always-on services. Your business needs to deliver those services at the lowest possible cost. NS1 Traffic Steering gives you the power to optimize connections to applications, services, and content based on geography, real user monitoring, load, and more - all in an easy-to-use UI.

Increase uptime

Connect traffic steering to status monitors to route traffic around service deprecations and outages

Manage multi-cloud, multi-CDN deployments

Steer traffic to the best CDN or cloud for any given moment

Failover/disaster recovery

Minimize service disruptions and poor performance by steering users to resources with available capacity when servers or other resources fail

Cost optimization

Balance and shed loads to manage the cost of content delivery

What makes our Traffic Steering different

RUM Data

NS1 uses Real User Monitoring (RUM) data to deliver real-time intelligence on network performance and availability. Deliver the best user experience for every moment in time.

What is RUM Data?

Highly customizable

Only NS1 gives you the ability to prioritize and finely tune multiple traffic steering filters at the same time. Optimize your network with highly customizable, granular controls.

More options

NS1 offers more DNS traffic steering options than any other provider, covering the widest range of use cases. Discover new ways to unlock performance gains.

Specialized data integrations

NS1’s network of data partnerships delivers the Quality of Experience (QoE) information required for video streaming and other companies with unique performance needs

Ease of use

NS1 makes it easy to set up and customize your traffic steering logic. Simply drag and drop your preferred filters, select your parameters, and deploy.

Want to see DNS Traffic Steering in action?

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What you can do with Traffic Steering

Automated failover

Seamlessly switch between DNS services (active-active, active-passive)

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Load balancing

Use DNS to manage traffic across different parts of the network

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Load shedding

Control costs by distributing DNS traffic intelligently across multiple endpoints

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Optimize performance based on the user’s geographic location

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Decisions Over HTTP

Optimize video performance with automated mid-stream switching

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Balance load based on infrastructure contract commits

Manage traffic to maximize the value of existing infrastructure contract levels

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Steer traffic around outages

Maximize uptime by using DNS monitors to automatically change routing rules

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