Multi-CDN Management

Optimize Multiple CDN Providers for Cost, Performance, or Both.

Companies are diversifying CDN providers to help meet global users’ needs and better manage costs of application delivery. NS1 research shows that there are wide disparities at any point in time between the best-performing CDN in a region, and the worst-performing CDN. Moreover, costs may be quite different even for CDNs with similar performance. For these reasons, companies are looking for ways to manage traffic among multiple CDNs so that they can optimize performance and cost.

Intelligent traffic management from NS1 makes it easy to implement a multi-CDN infrastructure that puts you in control. You can start simply with a strategy that directs traffic to the preferred CDN based on the country, state, or ASN of your users. From there, you can build more sophisticated traffic management using NS1’s intelligent RUM engine, Pulsar, enabling real-time performance telemetry and business logic. Pulsar performs billions of real-time measurements to CDNs worldwide to make sure users are routed to the most optimal CDN at any given time. The capabilities are all fully integrated into the NS1 platform, so it’s easy to make sure you’re getting the best performance at the most optimal cost.