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Built-in integrations with the most widely used infrastructure-as-code tools used by DevOps teams, such as Terraform and OctoDNS, ensure reliable, secure deployment changes without the delays and “friction” of traditional processes.


Ansible is a powerful DevOps automation toolkit. The NS1 Ansible module supports automated management of your zones and records, including full support for configuring Filter Chains. Integrate NS1 into your provisioning and deployment automation pipeline.

Download the module on GitHub.

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With the NS1 integration for AppDynamics, you can optimize how users connect to your applications. Using AppDynamics infrastructure monitoring data, you can identify and automatically steer application traffic away from potential infrastructure issues in real time before they impact the end user experience. Ensure that you only send application traffic to available and healthy endpoints, whether they are in your data center or in the cloud. Learn more from the AppDynamics Solutions Brief.

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AWS CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS.

Our integration allows users to utilize AWS CloudWatch as a Data Source to push monitoring data into NS1 and automate real-time traffic management.

To activate this integration, simply connect the AWS CloudWatch Data Source in the NS1 portal.

AWS CloudWatch Logo


Catchpoint’s suite of world-class Web Performance Monitoring offers tools enabled to optimize and protect the speed and uptime of your website, applications, and infrastructure with powerful analytics, alerting, and troubleshooting.

Our integration allows users to utilize Catchpoint as a Data Source to push monitoring data into NS1 and automate real-time traffic management.

To activate this integration, simply connect the Catchpoint Data Source in the NS1 portal.

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Cisco Umbrella

Sooner or later malware will get into your network. But the attack is not complete until the malware contacts its command and control server somewhere on the dark web. Cisco Umbrella not only helps to protect against initial infection with proactive threat intelligence powered by Cisco Talos, but also prevents communication to an attacker's server in the event devices do become infected. By blocking command and control callbacks, you can stop data exfiltration and ransomware encryption. Even when your users are outside the office and surfing the web, they are protected by Umbrella.

Learn more from the Cisco and Umbrella Solution Sheet

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HashiCorp Consul provides a full featured service-mesh control plane with service discovery, configuration, and segmentation for dynamic infrastructure.

NS1’s integration with Consul makes it easy to unify service discovery and intelligently steer service traffic across increasingly complex and dynamic multi-cloud environments.

GitHub Repository for NS1 Consul

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Datadog is a widely used SaaS monitoring solution. NS1 supports two integrations with Datadog. You can configure Datadog as a data source that pushes alerts to NS1 for real-time traffic management. Separately, you can use the Datadog agent to send NS1 performance and usage metrics to Datadog for monitoring and observability.

Check out our Help Center articles for step-by-step guides to setting up your Datadog integrations:

NS1 + Datadog Integration (Inbound)

NS1 + Datadog Integration (Outbound)

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The Go language is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

The NS1 golang client resides in the ns1-go.v2/rest package, and simply augments http/client with authentication, rate limiting, and more.

Learn more at the GitHub repository. Additional documentation can be found on Godocs.

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Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

NS1’s integration with Kubernetes Cert Manager automates DNS validation by a Certificate Authority and makes it easy apply and manage SSL/TLS certificates to any domain or subdomain in the NS1 platform.

NS1’s integration with Kubernetes External DNS automates discovery and DNS updates for dynamic services, creating a single source of truth that any team can query.

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Microsoft Azure Active Directory

The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) enterprise identity service provides single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. It helps protect enterprise users from cybersecurity attacks by simplifying access to pre-integrated software as a service (SaaS) applications from anywhere.

The integration enables enterprise users to sign into the NS1 Managed DNS platform using Azure AD credentials.

Joint NS1 and Azure Active Directory customers can activate this integration by obtaining the NS1 SSO for Azure app from the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Logo


Mux Data monitors viewer quality of experience metrics such as playback failures, startup time, rebuffering and video quality. Mux streamlines and simplifies data collection with documented SDKs for a wide range of players and devices.

NS1 & Mux integration makes data actionable. It combines CDN performance and viewer quality of experience metrics to automatically adjust CDN routing decisions for each viewer, thereby ensuring the best experience.

Learn more from the Mux integration datasheet

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NS1 allows you to push rich telemetry from your NGINX appliances all the way to the edge of our network, allowing NS1 to make extremely intelligent routing decisions by pairing our monitoring and RUM with metrics coming directly from your ADCs.

The integration combines two powerful solutions to give you granular visibility into the health of your infrastructure and greater control over your traffic management policies. Robust and intuitive API configuration tools simplify the implementation process—making it easy to scale complex configurations as your network evolves.

Download the Datasheet

Get the Deployment Guide from NGINX



This is a high level JS client for's REST API. Works as a Node.js module, tested on Node v 5+. If you'd like to use this in the browser and need to bypass our CORS restrictions, please contact us directly. Requires an NS1 account w/ an API key.

Download the package on GitHub.



OctoDNS provides a set of tools & patterns that make it easy to manage your DNS records across multiple providers. This is especially handy for NS1 customers who are splitting delegation across two or more separate DNS providers.

OctoDNS GitHub Repository

OctoDNS Logo


Okta protects and enables enterprise employees, contractors and partners by providing always on Single Sign-On authentication and reliable integration with web and mobile applications, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy.

The integration enables Okta-authenticated users to access NS1’s Managed DNS portal.

To activate this integration see the configuration guide available at Okta.

Okta Logo

OpenStack Designate

Thousands of companies around the world use OpenStack’s open source platform to build and manage private cloud infrastructure. Designate is a multi-tenant DNS-as-a-Service (DNSaaS) for OpenStack. With the NS1 integration for Designate, OpenStack users can manage our software-defined solutions seamlessly as part of their OpenStack workflows, enabling automation and orchestration. Learn how to configure it at

OpenStack Designate Logo

Pager Duty

Tired of receiving email notifications about your monitors when you’re not on call? Now you can send NS1 monitoring notifications through to PagerDuty.

This integration is ideal for teams with prioritization schedules managed in PagerDuty. Follow the steps outlined in the setup guide posted to our knowledge base to get started.

Pager Duty Logo


Pingdom is a well known and widely used cloud-based uptime and performance monitoring solution. Use our new integration to push Pingdom monitoring data into NS1 to automate real-time traffic management.

To activate this integration, simply connect the Pingdom Data Source in the NS1 portal.

Pingdom Logo

Python SDK

This package provides a python SDK for accessing the NSONE DNS platform and includes both a simple NSONE REST API wrapper as well as a higher level interface for managing zones, records, data feeds, and more. It supports synchronous and asynchronous transports. Both python 2.7 and 3.3 are supported.

Download the package on GitHub.

Python SDK Logo


NS1’s native monitoring platform can deliver alerts directly to your team via Slack.

The integration is fully customizable – notify your entire operations team when there’s a blip in your primary datacenter, or restrict specific notifications to individual users or channels. Leveraging NS1 alerts helps improve communication so your team can put out small fires quickly - before they become raging infernos.

To setup your own notifications, head on over to our knowledgebase and follow this simple guide.

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Terraform is infrastructure as code software that enables DevOps teams to safely and predictably create, change, and reproduce production infrastructure. NS1 Terraform Provider integration supports the ability to integrate resource creation and updates with the registration of those resources in the NS1 DNS.

GitHub Repository for NS1 Terraform Provider

Terraform Logo


ThousandEyes combines a variety of active and passive monitoring techniques to provide real-time Internet outage detection and insight into user experience across applications and services.

With NS1’s integration with ThousandEyes, organizations can detect service disruptions or user experience issues in ThousandEyes and automate failover actions in NS1 to minimize business consequences. Learn more from the NS1 + ThousandEyes Solution Brief.

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