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Optimize Your Traffic with Real-Time Telemetry from End Users

Do away with approximations

Pulsar enables you to manage your application’s traffic based on what really matters: real-time performance data captured from actual end users. Define what performance means to you, and let Pulsar do the rest.


Super-simple Integration

Drop a lightweight Javascript tag in your site, or push custom metrics to the Pulsar API, then add the Pulsar Filter to any DNS record to start routing with your data. Pulsar takes care of the rest.

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Massive Global Data Collection

Pulsar sifts through billions of measurements a day gathered from real users around the globe. Leverage our community data about major cloud providers and CDNs, or push high volume, totally custom metrics about your own application and infrastructure into Pulsar.

pulsar data collection screen

Real-time Actionable Intelligence

Pulsar’s technology leverages our and your metrics to achieve global visibility into your application’s performance. But we don’t stop there: Pulsar aggregates metrics and synchronizes actionable data to our global DNS network for true real-time traffic steering.

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Seamless DNS & Traffic Management

Pulsar is natively integrated with NS1’s industry leading DNS & Traffic Management platform. Use Pulsar with NS1’s powerful and flexible Filter Chain to seamlessly take advantage of Load Shedding, Geographic & Network routing, and other Filters.

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