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Optimize network performance with DNS data

Seeing traffic patterns you can’t explain? DNS Insights may hold the answer.

Understand what's happening across your network

Sometimes DNS traffic patterns can surprise you. Sudden spikes in DNS queries can happen for many different reasons, including:

Misconfigurations may be causing a feedback loop that impacts network performance

Misconfigurations may expose internal devices and data to the internet, posing a significant security risk

Rising query volume could be an early sign of a DDoS attack

Unusual DNS traffic patterns could be part of a penetration test or a bug bounty program

Mine your DNS data for answers

The DNs Insights feature of Managed DNS delivers relevant, targeted data to quickly identify the source of anomalous traffic. With DNS Insights you can:

Improve security

Quickly identify malicious activity and remove security leakages caused by improper DNS configuration

Reduce costs

Pinpoint causes of increased usage

Enhance user experience

Remove errors and misconfigurations in application traffic flows

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Actionable, real-time analysis

We gather the data from your DNS infrastructure, focusing on actionable details that help to explain overall traffic patterns and anomalous behavior

We deliver the data through a data stream that can be stored in any standard time series database

We visualize the data for you with pre-built dashboards that help identify issues at a glance

Integrates with the systems your team is already using


The DNS Insights data feed is natively compatible with Prometheus and any system that supports Prometheus Remote Write (including Splunk and DataDog).


DNS Insights supports integrations with a wide variety of other data sinks through OpenTelemetry.


DNS Insights comes with pre-built Grafana dashboard templates.

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