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NS1 Does Deutschland At dmexco 2017

NS1's inaugural showing at one of Europe's premier digital marketing conferences. See how NS1 can help accelerate your ad delivery and e-commerce resiliency efforts. Learn more...

By Carl Levine September 8, 2017

Announcing NS1’s new $20M venture fundraise

It’s been less than a year since we raised a $23M Series B to accelerate our product development and customer growth, and we have really just begun to invest that capital – so why did we do it again?

By Kris Beevers September 7, 2017

NS1 Announces Managed DNS for China

We just announced the launch of Managed DNS for China​, a new service designed to improve the speed, manageability and reliability of online services in China.

By Jonathan Lewis August 30, 2017

NS1's Managed and Dedicated DNS Supports CAA Records

The CAA record is a whitelist of your domain's certificate providers. It is optional for domain owners, however, in September 2017 certificate authorities are required to check for a CAA record prior to issuing certificates for a domain.

By Kimberly Lacerte August 17, 2017

Join us at MassTLC's ReDev B0st0n Conference

Join NS1 on August 8th as we sponsor MassTLC’s ReDev where the challenges developers face for big data and machine learning, security, mobile development, UX, IoT and a host of other hot-button topics will be explored.

By Carl Levine August 7, 2017