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NS1 Heads To Velocity San Jose 2018

We've got talks, we've got next-generation DNS tech, a big party, and a whole lot more for this year's west coast edition of Velocity in San Jose!

By Carl Levine June 11, 2018

Join NS1 at DevOpsDays Austin 2018

It's the first week of May, so you know where to find your venerable NS1 road crew! Yes, it's time for one of the larger DevOps-focused conferences in Austin, TX. We're back at DevOpsDays Austin!

By Carl Levine May 3, 2018

Global Load Balancing, Caching and TTLs

Occasionally, we get questions from customers as to whether caching by DNS resolvers defeats the purpose of DNS based load balancing, failover and perhaps DNS traffic management in general. This article addresses those questions.

By Jonathan Lewis February 15, 2018

NS1 Announces DNSSEC

DNSSEC has been around for a long time and many managed DNS providers already support it. Is NS1 joining the DNSSEC party a big deal? To answer that question let’s consider how widely deployed DNSSEC is and the underlying reasons why.

By Jonathan Lewis January 16, 2018