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Achieving Diversity, Inclusion & Equity at NS1

Our commitment is to ensure everyone at NS1 has a place, a path, and a voice.

We view attracting, growing and developing diversity within our organization as a moral imperative as well as the right thing to do for our business. A more diverse and inclusive workforce helps solve complex challenges through the collective thinking that is an outgrowth of bringing people with various experiences and perspectives together.

We believe that building and embracing a diverse and inclusive workforce is dependent on three pillars: creating a place, a path, and a voice for all employees.

A Place

We strive to uphold a working environment rooted in a sense of belonging, diverse representation, validation, and inclusion.

A Path

We commit to promoting growth by providing equitable security, investment, mentorship, encouragement and focus into every employee’s role and development.

A Voice

We foster psychological safety, encourage honest dialogue and respect for differing points of view.

Our Commitments

  • Attract, welcome, and grow our diverse talent
  • Support our community, giving others a voice, to foster a sense of inclusion and belonging
  • Champion meaningful causes

How We Will Realize Our Commitments

It isn’t enough to talk about being committed to diversity, inclusion & equity (D I&E). We must act in order to improve in these areas. Here's what we're doing to meet our commitments to D I&E.

Diversity in Leadership

Establishing empowered and diverse peer and leadership teams

DI Leadership

Implement D I&E Advancement Goals

Embedding diversity into the fabric of the company by promoting involvement in D I&E advancement as a company-wide responsibility and an aspect of each leader and employee’s development and outputs

DI Embody

Measurement and Reporting

Measuring, reporting, and sharing progress internally on an ongoing basis

DI Reports

D I&E as a Business Priority

Championing D I&E as a business priority with the understanding that greater diversity results in not only a better team, but the development of a more valuable product offering

DI Business Priority

If you share our values, we welcome you to join us.

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