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Optimize network performance for improved user experiences

Exceed user expectations at a lower cost

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Amazing is the baseline for everything online

We expect lightning fast, always-on responses from every application, website, and service. Yet as any network team knows, delivering these experiences with in-house resources on a global scale can be expensive and time-consuming.

Your users expect the best

In 2019, 75% of consumers reported that their expectations of website and application performance is increasing

Falling short is costing you

1 in 4 shoppers will abandon an online cart if the site takes longer than 4 seconds to load

Your current infrastructure can't keep up

Over 80% of enterprises now find it challenging to meet application delivery requirements with their existing IT infrastructure

Deliver amazing user experiences at a manageable cost with NS1's global network

Sure, you could build a high-performing, feature-rich, secure, always-on global network to handle your inbound DNS traffic. Or you could use the one that we've spent a decade perfecting - the one that thousands of the world's most innovative companies rely on every day to deliver their applications, services, and content.

Superior performance

NS1 delivers some of the fastest DNS response times in the industry, with capacity to spare

Lower network costs

Eliminate the significant long-term cost of equipping, maintaining, and securing a global DNS network

Lower operating effort

Manage your entire DNS infrastructure from a single portal, and automate standard tasks with our API-first infrastructure

Improve reliability and resilience

Lean on NS1’s massive scale and redundant deployments to stay up and running all the time

Optimize your network across multiple CDNs and clouds

For every inbound query to your network, you have just a few milliseconds to decide which CDN or cloud will respond. Naturally, you want to use the provider with the fastest response time and the lowest cost. NS1 automatically routes traffic to the most appropriate service provider for any given moment, based on your specific business needs.

Real user monitoring (RUM) data

NS1 uses RUM data for traffic steering, not synthetically produced information. Make decisions with accurate, constantly updated data

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Fast decisions

NS1 makes highly complicated traffic steering decisions without slowing down performance

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Highly customizable

NS1 pioneered the use of multiple traffic steering factors in tandem, and we still offer the widest range of options in the industry through our customizable API

An API to power your network

Improve reliability and resilience

Lean on NS1’s massive scale and redundant deployments to stay up and running all the time

Deliver consistent experiences for users in mainland China

The “Great Firewall” makes it difficult to provide high quality applications, services, and content to audiences in mainland China with any kind of consistency. NS1’s robust presence in China and unique network architecture ensures quality brand experiences that are over 3X faster than any other authoritative DNS provider.

More functionality

NS1 offers a robust China service with a large range of features. Get the traffic steering, third party integrations, API, and data feeds you need.

Unified management

No need to open up another window or sign into yet another service - our China network is managed from a single NS1 portal

Rapid propagation

Changes to DNS records are up and running across our China network in seconds, not minutes or hours

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