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Managed DNS Services

What is Our Global Anycast Managed DNS Network?

NS1 managed DNS is a next-generation, API-driven DNS solution with the most complete security, granular reporting, and comprehensive integrations in the industry. Choose the managed DNS provider that gives you the tools and controls to deliver the best application experiences with high resilience at scale.


Deliver exceptional application experiences

Improve customer experience on your business-critical websites, applications, content and streaming services with best-in-class DNS response times and intelligent routing to the best available resource.

Improve performance, reliability and security

Ensure performance and resiliency with Dedicated DNS from a single management console with enterprise-grade controls, built-in security, monitoring, and reliable outage protection.

Drive efficiency and automation

Increase efficiency with our automated tools for DevOps ecosystems via our Rest APIs or turnkey integrations with your deployment and configuration automation tools, monitoring and alerting platforms, and the rest of your modern application traffic management stack.

Resource Redundant and Secondary DNS

Redundant and Secondary DNS

How NS1 Can Help You

Gain Resilience with DNS Redundancy

Reduce the risk of application failure due to DNS outages, DDoS attacks, or configuration or software errors with our platform independent redundant DNS options.

Managed DNS Gain Resilience with DNS Redundancy

Protect Against DDoS and DNS-level Cyber Threats

We designed a multi-faceted approach to enterprise DDoS protection that combines the raw power of our massively provisioned infrastructure, distributed network and auto-scaling capabilities with sophisticated 24 / 7 monitoring, detection and filtering capabilities at every level of the protocol stack.

Managed DNS Protect Against D Do S

Align Your DNS to NetOps / DevOps Automation

Our modern DNS solutions equip application traffic management teams with a scalable and adaptive DNS solution that is API-driven and works across clouds, data centers, and content delivery networks. Our integrations with essential tools like Terraform, Consul and OctoDNS allow you to readily introduce NS1 into your dynamic DevOps environment.

Managed DNS Align Your DNS to Net Ops Dev Ops Automation


Global Anycast DNS Network

Built on the industry’s most advanced anycasted DNS network with 26 points of presence worldwide, our DNS service offers drastically higher performance and reliability than unicast alternatives.

Managed DNS Global Anycast Network

High performance API framework and ecosystem integrations

Built from the ground up with automation in mind, our products easily integrate into your NetOps/DevOps workflows via our REST APIs or turnkey integrations with your deployment and configuration automation tools, monitoring and alerting platforms, and the rest of your stack.

Managed DNS High Performance API Framework

Security and Analytics

Enterprise-grade security features include two-factor authentication, role-based access control, full audit logs, IP whitelisting, advanced DNSSEC that supports redundancy, and integrations with third-party security products. We monitor our network 24/7 to protect enterprises against DDoS attacks in a SOC 2-compliant environment. We provide record-level query statistics and reports, so that you can easily explore your managed DNS configuration to optimize and troubleshoot.

Managed DNS Security and Analytics
Resource Getting Serious About DNS Security

Getting Serious About DNS Security

Interested in how it works?

Our Services

NS1’s seasoned DNS experts deliver best-in-class support and have vast experience partnering with customers to develop and execute on their objectives.

Our Plans

NS1 offers a Starter Package for customers onboarding to the Enterprise DDI and Private DNS products. This offering includes access to NS1’s professional services experts.

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