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Managed DNS services that deliver

Optimize performance and improve resilience with NS1’s global Anycast Managed DNS network

Results-driven external DNS

We expect a lot from applications, services, and content on the internet. Users depend on connections that are always on, fast, and secure. Managed DNS helps you deliver applications, services, and content that delight your users while optimizing for performance, cost, and reliability.

Ensure reliability and resilience

Keep your business running with 100% uptime and redundant protections against service deprecation. NS1’s native redundant DNS, constant monitoring, and automated failover systems deliver the high availability you require.

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Optimize network performance

Deliver applications, services, and content with the performance your users expect. NS1’s global network and sophisticated traffic steering technology provides highly customizable options to meet your users’ performance expectations.

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Simplify DNS management

Spend your time on more important things than DNS configurations. NS1’s platform is easy to set up and use for both simple and complex tasks.

What makes NS1 different

Traffic Steering

The most robust, customizable, data-driven Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) and traffic steering capabilities on the market

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Dedicated DNS

Add another layer of redundant protection without the management hassle

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DNS for China

Deliver optimized experiences within the “Great Firewall”

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DNS Insights

Optimize and troubleshoot your network by analyzing traffic patterns

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Integrate everything with the easiest to use API in the industry

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Connect DNS to DevOps systems and tools across the enterprise

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A network that exceeds expectations

1 million

The number of queries per second we handle on a slow day!


Our lightning-fast, global median response time


Network PoPs on 6 continents to ensure you get the best performance


100% uptime SLA on DNS resolution

NS1’s resilient network delivers the always-on authoritative DNS service you need

Global Anycast DNS network

Our global footprint of 26 anycasted PoPs provides fast connections wherever your users are

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Rapid propagation

DNS updates appear across the globe in seconds


Protect your network by protecting the integrity of DNS query responses

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Native health check alerts to quickly identify issues and automatically adjust DNS traffic steering configurations

Secure access and controls

Support for standard SSO platforms, two factor authentication, audit logs, and role based access control


Knowledgeable, proactive customer success and support teams who provide superior, timely, hands-on service

DDoS protection

Cap your query-based spending with insurance against unexpected surges in traffic

Customer stories

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An API that's comprehensive, flexible, and easy to use

One API, all of NS1

Our entire solution is served by one API, so you can manage every part of your network infrastructure using the same set of commands, even as you scale

Developer experience

DevOps teams expect an API that matches their velocity. We put a lot of effort into documenting our API, so even the most complex API-related tasks are simple to implement


NS1’s REST API uses simple key/header-based authentication. Make API calls easily from any language or even the shell

Features of the NS1 API

Speedy automatic propagation

NS1’s global network propagates changes through our API in seconds, eliminating the risk of broken applications and user experiences

Capacity for days

On an average day, NS1 handles between two and four million API calls. We’ve seen individual customers make 2.5m DNS changes through our API on high traffic days, which we handle with plenty of capacity to spare

API-based traffic steering

With NS1, you can route DNS traffic by plugging data feeds into our API - a more flexible, programmable option than using the DNS protocol itself

Terraform & OctoDNS integration

NS1’s global network propagates changes through our API in seconds, eliminating the risk of broken applications and user experiences

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