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Turn edge observability into action

Drill into edge configuration and security issues, fast

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Constant vigilance is the price of optimal network performance at the edge

To catch configuration and security issues before they spiral out of control, you have to be everywhere at once. But given the sheer volume of alerts and data that comes with constant vigilance, how do you cut through the noise?

Your network has exploded in size

The number of IoT-connected devices is expected to hit 30 billion in 2030

Security risks have increased too

DDoS attacks were up 203% in 2022 compared to 2021

You need the right data, not more

Catching technical errors and security risks before they become bigger problems requires real-time, targeted alerts

NS1 provides automated edge network observability to fix challenges at scale

It’s not about more alerts. It’s about the right alerts - the kind you can quickly turn into action. NS1 focuses data collection and analysis on the network edge, so you can focus on what really matters and avoid alert fatigue.

Only the data you need

Stop sorting through terabytes of irrelevant information and focus on data that actually improves edge network performance and security

Edge-relevant data sets

Investigate the root cause of failed connections with relevant insights from DNS and related data streams

Drill down quickly

Move to relevant conclusions fast with easy to navigate dashboards

Lower the cost of edge network observability

The cost of collecting, storing, and analyzing network data adds up quickly. That’s especially true for DNS data, where the troubleshooting value can be offset by the sheer volume of information involved in creating each insight. NS1’s targeted, “small data” approach keeps data collection, storage, and analysis costs manageable while providing the insights that matter.

Set your limits

Reduce costs by collecting and storing only the edge network information that matters

Open source analysis options

Send relevant data to less expensive (or free) open source data sinks to control processing and analysis costs

Lightweight collection

NS1’s observability agents are designed for low-resource edge environments, lowering the overall cost of data collection

Manage edge observability at scale

The network edge is the last place you want to be manually configuring and deploying observability agents. To gather insights from the edge at scale, you need agents that can be configured, deployed, and managed using automation. NS1 provides automated, orchestrated observability that thrives in decentralized, distributed edge environments.

Configure once, deploy at scale

Avoid the hassle of site-by-site management with templatized agent deployment options.

Orchestrate policies enterprise-wide

Set collection rules and standards for observability across the entire fleet of agents from a single control plane

Customize inputs for specific needs

Capture varying data sources across the enterprise using the same collection agents

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