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Jonathan Sullivan
Posted by
Jonathan Sullivan on
March 20, 2019

Renee Orser, VP of Engineering, Honored as IDG Ones to Watch Award Winner

NS1 delivers traffic management solutions that power the biggest and most demanding applications and sites on the internet. Our technology is novel and highly differentiated, but the thing that truly sets us apart is our people. Our team is comprised of many bright, innovative thinkers, and it’s an honor to share that one of our best – VP of Engineering Renee Orser – will be recognized this week as an IDG Ones to Watch Award Winner.

IDG created this program to recognize rising technology leaders who have what it takes to become strategic, C-level executives of the future. It is an opportunity to publicly recognize individuals like Renee who routinely go above and beyond in delivering value to their organizations.

Renee joined NS1 during a pivotal time in our company’s growth, and she has consistently enabled our engineering organization to evolve and scale to meet the needs of the business. She focuses on the people, processes, and communications behind the delivery of our technology and our products. Renee brings deep expertise in software development, cross-functional communication, and problem-solving to NS1’s teams. She ensures engineering teams are able to work at peak functionality and deliver on the company’s commitments to its customers and timelines. Her ability to balance workloads and challenge engineers keeps people excited and engaged, and our employee retention rate hovers close to 100 percent.

Throughout her time at NS1, Renee has pioneered an approach to maintaining engineering team health that mimics how network teams address the health and performance of technology resources. Her method of monitoring “human networks” within engineering teams uses models similar to distributed technology systems, allowing us to identify and fill gaps, preemptively address problems, and consistently improve operational efficiency. Renee’s approach is garnering significant interest within the engineering community. She has presented her concept of human network monitoring on a global stage, sharing best practices for role road mapping, gap analysis, and rapid-growth hiring.

Prior to NS1, Renee spent nearly a decade working in and traveling across more than 30 countries while managing teams delivering distributed, highly scalable digital healthcare products to governments and international non-profits. This experience fostered a keen understanding of how different businesses and cultures translate to different types of leadership styles and how skills will play out across organizations and domains. Her insights are especially applicable to highly distributed IT teams like NS1’s. Renee has proven to be a master at designing a dynamic engineering organization that’s able to adapt during periods of rapid growth. She instinctively identifies what skills and personalities will map to the roles needed for IT initiatives. It’s rare to find an individual with both technical prowess and an intuitive understanding of people, and it’s this combination of talents that makes Renee an indispensable leader within NS1 and an IDG Ones to Watch Award Winner.

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