Pulsar RUM Steering

Pulsar immediately boosts application availability and performance, and helps you optimize how you spend your infrastructure budget.  It automatically routes traffic among your CDNs, clouds or data centers based on actual, up-to-the-minute performance data from real end users.  You can also route based on cost of service.  Pulsar's custom data map shows you where performance is lagging so you can spread your infrastructure investment to deliver the best performance for the money, and Pulsar automatically routes traffic in the best possible way. 

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  • 19% average latency improvement vs. combined performance of 8 leading CDNs
  • Billions of measurements per day and millions of optimized routing decisions.
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The only DNS + RUM steering solution.

Pulsar is the only RUM steering solution that is integrated with authoritative DNS. What does that mean to you? Simple. Boost application performance and reliability without redirecting queries to a separately-managed third-party platform. It’s all natively integrated into NS1’s Managed DNS.

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Real-Time Control

Take Control of Performance and Cost Among your CDN and Cloud Providers

If you’re thinking about adding Cloud or CDN providers for better regional coverage or leverage price competitiveness, yet don’t want a headache, we’ve got you covered.  Pulsar makes it simple to route each user to your CDN's, cloud providers, or data centers based on availability, real-time latency, throughput, or even the relative cost of each provider. You can make users happy while you get better resiliency and stretch your budget.

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Filter Chain Makes It Easy

Simple. Automated. Immediate Results.

Pulsar immediately routes every user to the optimal end point based on real-time conditions, so your application is unaffected by infrastructure problems while they’re happening.  It’s that simple.

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Real User Data

Massive Set of Community Data

Pulsar securely gathers billions of measurements a day from real users around the globe. Leverage our community data about major cloud providers and CDNs, or push your own custom application and infrastructure metrics into Pulsar. All data is made anonymous, and secure.

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Real-Time Data

Unique Data for Capacity Planning

Pulsar’s technology leverages all available data - yours and ours - to give you unprecedented visibility into your application’s performance as it's being experienced by your end users. Aggregate metrics and synchronize actionable data across our global DNS network to understand the areas of the world that are experiencing slow performance so you can redeploy capacity to better meet demand.

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Next-Generation DNS

Seamless DNS & Traffic Management

Pulsar is natively integrated with NS1’s next-generation DNS & traffic management solution. Use Pulsar with NS1’s powerful Filter Chain capabilities to optimize a traffic routing schema for your application.

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Performance Optimization

​30-40% more accurate than georouting

When georouting was introduced more than 15 years ago, it was the best proxy for latency you had, but NS1 research shows the shortest distance does not actually deliver the optimal experience 30-40 percent of the time.  Now you can use milliseconds, rather than miles to route traffic. And combined with other filters like shed load, weighted shuffle and geofencing, you can quickly and easily achieve dramatic performance gains.

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Along with best-in-class support, NS1 offers onboarding and optimization services to help you get the most out of Pulsar.

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