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Pulsar Active Traffic Steering

Advanced traffic steering based on real-time and custom metrics

Intelligent traffic steering ideal for live streaming, multi-CDN and complex private infrastructures that uses real-time user monitoring and highly customizable routing logic to optimize performance and cost.


Enhance performance for every user

Reduce page load times, download times, and video buffering for every user by leveraging advanced user telemetry and internet performance analysis to steer traffic to high performance CDNs, clouds, or datacenters.

Shield users from availability issues

Automatically detects issues and adjusts CDN, cloud or datacenter selection for each user to ensure an optimal experience. It also mitigates the risk of one vendor impacting your application’s performance with automated failover across multiple service providers.

Achieve bottom-line and top-line goals while improving efficiency

Drive revenue, minimize costs, meet usage commits, or meet GDPR requirements while guaranteeing optimal user experience. Rather than write new automation code for each type of content or application delivery, you get a streamlined system to automate intelligent traffic steering decisions in real-time.

How NS1 Can Help You

Deliver large-scale streaming experiences

Optimize streaming experiences for every viewer by automatically adjusting CDN selection decisions based on changing conditions detected across multiple CDNs, cost, contractual commits, and third-party quality of experience (QoE) metrics.

Pulsar Deliver large scale live streaming events
Resource Large Scale Livestream Event

How to Successfully Deliver a Large-Scale Livestream Event

Optimize cost and performance in multi-CDN deployments

Automatically distribute traffic intelligently between CDNs to balance your cost and quality of experience goals. NS1 automatically detects which CDNs are experiencing outages, timeouts and slowdowns - and where users are affected - and can route users to a better performing one.

Pulsar Optimize cost and performance in multi CDN deployments

Precise Edge Delivery

Use data and information to enable precise routing control for your specific edge cases without affecting baseline traffic management decisions or sacrificing automated failover capabilities. Use custom-defined data models (i.e., subnet to optimal PoP) to route traffic at scale.

Pulsar Precise Edge Network Delivery


Real User Monitoring

We use insights gathered from real user monitoring (RUM) and dozens of CDNs and public clouds to automatically adjust traffic steering decisions for each user at the time they are connecting, thereby ensuring the best experience.

Pulsar Real User Monitoring

Define performance ranges with Pulsar Stabilize

Enable your traffic routing policies to implement business goals without sacrificing performance by defining an acceptable range of performance when making decisions based on metrics.

Pulsar Define Performance Ranges With Pulsar Stabilize

Decisions over HTTP

HTTP-based decisions provide an ordered list of optimal CDNs for the manifest generator (or player) to consume for streaming content delivery. It is also compatible with CDN token authentication and mid-stream switching to release viewers from poor performing CDNs after stream start.

Pulsar Decisions over HTTP

Route Maps

Route Maps is a declarative method of expressing routing policies based on your advanced performance analysis and customer segmentation. It enables granular IP prefix targeting at scale, giving you more precise routing control than is available with geo-location or ASN.

Pulsar Route Maps
Using Business Specific Route Maps with NS1

Using Business Specific Route Maps with NS1

Visibility, Analytics and Reporting

Our drill-down capabilities compare availability and performance to gain better insights for capacity planning and vendor management with a dynamic global map that spotlights the difference in real user telemetry.

Pulsar Visibility Analysis and Reporting

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