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Gerhard Jacobs
Posted by
Gerhard Jacobs on
February 5, 2019

NS1 Named One of Built In NYC's "Top 50 Tech Startups to Watch 2019"

We’ve been named alongside some of New York’s top tech startups as one to watch in 2019! Thanks to our super team and fast-growing community of world-class customers; NS1 has gone from strength to strength and we’re working harder than ever to revolutionize DNS.

Where Awesome People Build Great Things

While cool products certainly make for good business, bringing amazing talent into that mix makes for a pretty great recipe; and we’ve managed to attract some awesome people to innovate and collaborate, doing great things with DNS.

Next-Gen DNS

Built on a modern, API-first architecture with easy-to-use user interfaces, precise routing controls and industry-leading support, NS1 is a critical component of modern application delivery at enterprise scale, including DevOps, IoT, data center migrations and hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

“NS1 has brought an innovative approach to modernizing Domain Name System (DNS) technology, a field that powers the internet itself. They help customers gain more control of their web traffic as conditions change in application environments,” the Built In NYC report says.

DNS Tech for Multiple Deployment Models

Managed DNS

Leverage user, network, infrastructure, and application data to make real-time traffic routing decisions based on network health, geography, system capacity, bandwidth commits, and more. Our tech aggregates and propagates your data instantly to optimize your managed DNS traffic.

Dedicated DNS

The dedicated DNS solution includes every feature of the NS1 platform, including our API, Filter Chain technology for granular traffic routing, Data Feeds, and DNSSEC. No need to sacrifice performance and security for resiliency.

Private DNS

The rapid propagation of constantly connected microservices may simplify code, but it also increases infrastructure complexity and coordination.  Private DNS software is container ready, allowing for seamless deployment into your containerized environment.

Pulsar RUM Steering

Pulsar is the only RUM steering solution that is integrated with authoritative DNS. What does that mean to you? Simple. Boost application performance and reliability without redirecting queries to a separately-managed third-party platform. It’s all natively integrated into NS1’s Managed DNS.

About the 50 Tech Startups to Watch

Built In NYC's 50 Startups to Watch is a hand-curated report featuring 50 digital tech companies poised for greatness in 2019 and beyond. The companies on this list are building disruptive products and driving value within their industries, which include e-commerce, software, IoT, web or mobile, digital agencies and more. Companies eligible for this report have been running for five years or less, and as a group represent a diverse range in terms of funding status, job creation and stage of growth.

Built In connects people to their local tech community, whether they’re looking to read tech news, find their professional purpose or network with each other at cool events.