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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
April 11, 2018

Announcing Pulsar 2.0: Intelligent Traffic Routing

The way we think about performance, reliability, security, and manageability for internet facing applications is always changing.  It’s long been established that milliseconds matter. Uptime is an obvious imperative for any online business. And increasingly, companies reaching their audiences online must achieve bleeding edge performance and reliability without compromising on the security profile of their applications, and do all this with smaller teams driven by automation, not brute force.

At NS1, we’ve long explored the nexus of performance, reliability, security, and ease of use, and how DNS, the entrypoint to every online application, can impact these imperatives.

Today, we’re announcing the latest 2.0 iteration of our Pulsar product, which enables customers to achieve truly bleeding edge performance and enable reliable and secure application delivery architectures, more easily than ever before.

Pulsar directs traffic based on real-time performance data captured from actual end users with respect to the CDNs, cloud providers, and other edge systems you use to deliver your application.  Even the most widely-used CDNs and cloud providers exhibit variable performance throughout the day and in different markets around the world. Pulsar is always watching, and it observes availability and performance issues as they appear in real-time for any ISP and region in the world, directing traffic across your edge to optimize uptime and speed while minimizing cost.  Pulsar acts on billions of daily data points, and you can easily bring along data of your own. The data that Pulsar steers with, and the steering decisions Pulsar makes, are incredibly valuable decision making tools for your organization, and we’ve worked hard to make exploring the rich Pulsar dataset easy and intuitive.

Critically, Pulsar is natively integrated with NS1’s enterprise grade DNS stack.  When you steer your traffic with Pulsar, you incur no performance penalties from outside DNS lookups or API calls.  You gain the full benefit of NS1’s industry leading global anycasted Managed DNS delivery network, with bleeding fast response times, rock solid stability, and all the peace of mind that comes from our years of investment into anti-DDoS technologies for authoritative DNS, trusted by the internet’s leading brands.  Enabling a truly redundant traffic management architecture is as easy as deploying NS1’s Dedicated DNS, which also natively integrates Pulsar, for seamless single pane of glass management across physically redundant delivery networks. And NS1 is the only company in the ecosystem that effortlessly melds the most advanced traffic management technology -- Pulsar -- with the ability to enable DNSSEC for your domains, for security and performance without compromise.

No other DNS and traffic management technology comprehensively addresses the needs of online enterprises for granular real-time RUM steering, true global network redundancy, and end to end security.

The value of NS1’s comprehensive DNS and traffic management stack is multiplied by our refusal to compromise on ease of use.  NS1’s Filter Chain technology has long stood out as a perfect balance of flexibility and simplicity for managing complex traffic steering business logic.  Pulsar is no different, and it’s fully integrated with our Filter Chain. This means you can easily combine Pulsar’s performance and availability based steering with other traffic routing logic to balance cost, performance, and business metrics.

With our announcement of Pulsar 2.0 today, we’re thrilled to reveal the new Pulsar.  Our customers are the most sophisticated online organizations in the world, and we’ve built this new product in partnership with them.  We’ll continue pushing the traffic steering technology envelope with Pulsar over the course of 2018 and beyond.

We’re excited to show you Pulsar 2.0. Want to check it out? Contact us today!

Read the Pulsar 2.0 Press Release here.