NS1's Intelligent DNS & Traffic Management Platform in Dedicated, Fully Managed Deployments On-Prem or in the Cloud

Powerful & flexible DNS, in your control

Harness the power and flexibility of NS1’s groundbreaking DNS platform in your own network or in the cloud.

Seamless dual-network DNS

Use a public facing Dedicated NS1 deployment in conjunction with our world-class, globally anycasted Managed DNS network and get the holy grail of DNS reliability: dual provider, dual-network DNS delivery without the management headaches.

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dedicated dns hybrid

In Your Stack

Dedicated DNS fits into your existing deployment and security frameworks. Deploy NS1's industry leading DNS & traffic management technology local to your application to leverage high frequency, low latency DNS lookups and traffic routing decisions.

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dedicated dns api stack

Flexible Deployment Patterns

Deploy fully managed Dedicated DNS nodes with on-prem hardware, in a public cloud, load balanced, anycasted -- whatever model suits your application. From edge delivery to corporate DNS, NS1’s Dedicated DNS is the most powerful and flexible solution for your needs.

dedicated dns single pane