Managed DNS

Intelligent DNS and Traffic Management for the Most Demanding Websites and Applications

Forget what you think you know about DNS

NS1's Managed DNS is powered by a world-class global network and deep traffic management technology: optimize your application's delivery and streamline your DevOps processes with our next-gen platform

 Anycasted Network

Anycasted Network

NS1's technology is delivered through the industry's most advanced globally anycasted DNS network, designed by our experts to achieve maximum reliability and blazing fast performance.

dedicated dns network
Point and Click Traffic Management

Point and Click Traffic Management

Our Filter Chain technology enables you to easily configure complex, customized traffic routing algorithms perfectly tailored to your application and network. Mix and match dozens of advanced Filters.

 dedicated dns traffic management
APIs & Integrations

APIs & Integrations

Built from the ground up with developers in mind, NS1 easily integrates into your DevOps ecosystem via our REST APIs or turnkey integrations with your deployment & configuration automation tools, monitoring & alerting platforms, and the rest of your stack.

dedicated dns api
data driven delivery

Data Driven Delivery

Leverage user, network, infrastructure and application data to make real time traffic routing decisions based on network health, geography, system capacity, bandwidth commits, and much more. NS1's technology aggregates and propagates your data instantly to optimize your traffic.

dedicated dns data driven