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October 18, 2017

Living in a Distributed World

Speed is the bellwether of legitimacy online. The global online audience, with an attention span of 2 - 3 seconds (Forbes, 2017), is impatient. All online companies know the challenge of ensuring their internet content and transactions load quickly enough to keep the user’s attention. Speed matters whether that user is five miles from headquarters or 10,000 miles away.

Distributing your content and your audience across the globe requires that each piece in the network be optimized for best results. This means requiring a combination of best practices from your network topology, your distributed content, and your managed DNS provider. Designing a scalable network topology ensures that as you grow from one or a few points of presence (POPs) to a global network serving a global audience, you can continue to decrease content download times for your users. For example, you can separate content and application functions onto their own servers to further decrease content download speeds, or you can take advantage of CDN and Cloud technologies. This keeps your content close to your users, which increases the speed at which the content loads regardless of location. Coupling scalable network infrastructure and CDN and Cloud technologies with intelligent managed DNS can add another boost to your content loading speeds as DNS queries are part of that time-to-load formula.

NS1’s Managed DNS with Filter Chain technology provides that added boost, making the loading speeds faster on your distributed network. Redesigned from the ground up, NS1’s RFC-compliant intelligent DNS places the decision algorithms for traffic management at the edge of our network. This allows DNS name resolution and traffic routing to move faster and help load content faster than traditional DNS traffic routing.

Looking to learn more about increasing content load speeds while living in a distributed world? Join our Senior Technical Evangelist, Carl Levine, in this webinar video to learn more about what NS1’s intelligent DNS can do for you.