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Geographic Routing

Automate routing decisions based on the geography of your users and systems

One of the most powerful pieces of information application developers can use to properly route end users is location. Using NS1’s Filter Chain technology, application developers can use Geotargeting and Geofencing to get users where they need to go based on location information.

In addition to maintaining one of the most accurate and up to date GeoIP databases in the industry using a combination of advanced automation and careful curation, NS1 also employs cutting edge technologies including edns-client-subnet. The result is a geographic routing engine with unparalleled speed and accuracy.


Adding location metadata (coarse region, country, state, or even lat/long) to each of your servers or datacenters and enabling one of NS1’s geotargeting filters provides turn-key proximity-based routing. When a request hits NS1’s nameservers, we reference our state of the art GeoIP database to determine the location of the end user. In real-time the NS1 DNS calculates the user’s proximity to your datacenters, ensuring every end user is routed to your nearest answer.


Geofencing filters look at requests coming from specific regions, countries, or states, and by cross referencing the IP of the requester with NS1’s advanced GeoIP database, route and restrict those end users to the servers or datacenters of your choosing. This allows you to keep user data within specific countries or direct users through specific in-country CDNs.