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Kim Kaminski
Posted by
Kim Kaminski on
September 14, 2022

Landing the Tech Marketer’s Dream Job

Why leadership, the people, and market opportunity drove Kim Kaminski to become NS1’s new CMO

While there are plenty of great reasons to consider a new gig, for me, the decision to join NS1 as the company’s first CMO came down to three things: the leadership and people, the culture, and the market opportunity.

Our founders, Kris Beevers, Alex Vayl, and Jonathan Sullivan, saw that the DNS market was ripe for innovation over 10 years ago. Since then, they have grown NS1 into a massive business. They’ve built a world-class operational leadership team and a diverse community of the best and brightest talent in software today. And we have a bold yet realistic vision for the future of our platform and our solution portfolio as we expand into new market opportunities like open source, network automation, and edge computing.

We are building a culture of kindness, collaboration, curiosity, and creativity in addition to defining our company purpose. At our recent leadership offsite, it was so inspiring to experience the no-holds-barred dialogue, which is the foundation of our leadership ethos. I already feel safe and valued, and, most importantly, I’m having a lot of fun!

Our market opportunity and mission are to solve some of the biggest challenges in modern infrastructure. When I read our customer success stories, I’m inspired! All I need to do is watch my favorite streaming service to realize our tangible impact. Our Managed DNS offering is mission-critical to many of the world’s most powerful and enduring brands at a time in our economy when resilience matters.

With the leadership, culture, and market opportunity we have ahead of us, it’s about continuing to focus, build and scale - and that’s something I’m really passionate about - particularly the opportunity to partner with my peers David Coffey, our CPO, Andy Hershey, our CRO, and Bill Lapcevic, our head of Business Development, to align our teams around a unified GTM strategy which will be foundational as we evolve to the next phase of growth and establish NS1 as an enduring company. Here’s to our next decade!

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