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Emily Nerland
Posted by
Emily Nerland on
August 15, 2022

Increasing Market Share From a Global Perspective

Get to know our Global Head of Sales, Emily Nerland, and learn more about how her travels shape her go-to-market vision.

There’s a captivating trajectory of growth and innovation at NS1 that will help our customers outsmart their complex networks and ditch the bare-minimum, default network technology that’s failing them.

During my first full quarter at NS1, my main focus was to understand our value in light of our customers’ needs - and then deliver industry-leading networking solutions while painting the picture of tomorrow.

Proof of this success is smashing our sales goals this past quarter. Organizations don’t want to be locked into their cloud providers’ network technology. They don’t want default settings and they want a smart network for their distributed and dynamic workloads.

The innovation we have here is inspiring. The energy of our go-to-market team is ambitious. And last but not least, the problems we’re solving are real and our technology helps shape a company’s positive reputation.

Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to live and work in the United States, Canada, and now here in Europe. I don’t take this experience for granted. The understanding of how businesses run in different parts of the world have equipped me to lead our sales team with a unique vantage point.

As the new Cork, Ireland office opens and expands on everything NS1 has accomplished, a deep integration with EMEA helps us slingshot to a place of being better positioned to tackle our customers’ needs from a global lens. I love building a community with our EMEA prospects, partners and customers because this region’s opportunities are unique.

Towards the end of the quarter, we were able to travel as a team to Valencia, Spain for this year’s KubeCon in June. The intelligent conversations we had with the other attendees were a massive indication that these smart IT pros want a smart network they can rely on.

They shared their very specific examples of their technical limitations and outages that needed to be solved for. DNS continued to be the main issue.

Our customers are looking for full resiliency and uptime with offices, stores, edge devices, and operations across the globe. It’s imperative that solid network infrastructure spans across the entire global network.

The first 120 days have been a fun and hard-working ride already. I’m grateful to have joined the NS1 team at this exciting inflection point. It’s time to outsmart our complex networks.