Service Discovery

Keep up with infrastructure changes as fast as they happen, so your most current resources are always known and available.

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Service discovery is the automatic detection of devices or other resources in a network so they are automatically available. As you deploy applications into dynamic, cloud based environments you need an effective service discovery mechanism to connect new application instances to other applications and users. DNS Service Discovery (DNS SD) provides a proven service discovery mechanism, but outdated DNS platforms are unable to support the scale and performance requirements of cloud environments. When new services are not discovered quickly, users requests will be sent to unavailable or outdated resources, resulting in errors.


The NS1 DNS platform is up to the challenge of modern service discovery. NS1 has the API speed and capacity requirements to accept the rapid-fire changes needed to keep up with DNS SD changes. In addition, our distributed architecture supports fast, enterprise-wide propagation of those changes so new infrastructure and services are available when they need to be. No more waiting minutes or even hours for changes to take effect.

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