Cross-Cloud and Multi-CDN Optimization

Automatically Optimize Your Budget, Right-Size Capacity, Balance Load,  Improve Performance and Achieve Resiliency.

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Infrastructure budgets aren’t growing as quickly as demand for better performance, global reach, and resiliency. Next-generation teams are finding ways to squeeze every bit of capacity and performance from the infrastructure they have, and they’re using next-generation DNS to add and manage more capacity in ways that reduce risk and management overhead.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

  • Have the data to help you understand where in the world application performance lags
  • Feel confident redeploying servers to locations where they’re needed most, so you optimize performance
  • Spread your traffic among clouds and CDNs to add a layer of resiliency
  • Automatically limit the amount of traffic you send to those servers until you’re confident the environment is ready
  • Automate production traffic routing among all of your cloud providers, CDNs and data centers using only next-generation DNS, so you don’t have to learn another tech?

NS1’s next-generation DNS does all this.  NS1 makes it safer and easier to expand and grow your hybrid and multi-cloud and multi-CDN infrastructure so you can optimize your budget, improve performance, and automate traffic routing.

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