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As DevOps teams roll out applications into dynamic, software-defined environments, underlying services such as DNS need to be well integrated. NS1 supports advanced traffic management and automated service discovery with an “API-first” approach that easily integrates with how today’s IT services are developed, deployed, and maintained. Our complete API and pre-built integrations with widely used platforms such as Terraform, Ansible and OctoDNS enable application developers to automatically provision infrastructure using code instead of using manual processes or ad hoc scripts. Only NS1’s DNS and API-first architecture enables changes to automatically propagate in seconds (vs. minutes or hours), reducing the risk of broken applications and bad experiences.

Simply modernizing DNS solutions can eliminate decades of technical debt and dramatically reduce manual processes and inefficiencies that exasperate costs that slow application innovation and changes on the network – without a rip and replace of your previous investments.

Automating and integrating DNS into your DevOps ecosystem can help you scale your business

DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IAC) have fundamentally changed the way applications are built and deployed. However, for many organizations, DNS management has not kept pace. Automating NS1's next-generation DNS configurations into your continuous delivery and IAC initiatives builds efficiencies into your development and delivery processes, reduces errors caused by manual configuration, and makes the cloud even more scalable. APIs and integrations are key to making this work because they provide an efficient way to leverage the broader DevOps ecosystem, resulting in seamless application development, deployment, and delivery processes.

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