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Comparing NS1, an IBM Company, with other premium DNS solutions

Many premium DNS offerings may look alike, but not all solutions are created equal

What sets NS1 apart

On the surface, many premium DNS offerings look alike. They offer many of the same table stakes features like high availability, access to a global network of PoPs, and rapid response times. Yet as you dig a little deeper, you’ll find some significant differences that matter to your network team and your business.


When we say API-first, we mean it. Every line of NS1’s code starts as an API call. Everything you can do in the UI, you can do with our API. Don’t settle for a bolted-on API that only covers part of what you want to do with DNS.

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The best traffic steering

NS1 offers the widest range of filter options and data sources for traffic steering of any provider. You’ll get the power to optimize for performance, cost, and resilience with the most flexible, granular controls on the market. Our innovative RUM-based traffic steering uses actual performance data, where other vendors often use synthetic information.

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Built-in resilience

NS1’s redundant DNS layer is single tenant, physically and logically separated from your primary network, and operated from a single control plane. It’s the easiest way to add (and operate) a resilient DNS architecture. The secondary options from other vendors often have separate control planes or draw from multi-tenant infrastructure.

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Propagation speed

NS1 offers worldwide propagation in under five seconds. Most other DNS services count their propagation speeds in minutes. For any DevOps-led, agile business that’s constantly rolling out network changes, rapid propagation is essential.


NS1 offers authoritative DNS as an independent service layer - one that isn’t bundled with any other offering. This independence allows us to be a neutral arbiter between infrastructure services (CDNs, clouds) where other vendors have an incentive to steer traffic to their preferred service.


NS1 does DNS. That’s it. We’re not going to let you suffer through level one support when your network is having trouble. You’re going to get our most seasoned experts right away, and they’re going to know how to help. NS1 is known for its accessible, knowledgeable support and customer success teams, who are here to make your network the best it can be.

Explore our DNS and traffic steering solutions

Managed DNS

Fast, secure, feature-rich, API-first, global anycast network for authoritative DNS

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Dedicated DNS

Ensure maximum uptime with a physically and logically separated single tenant DNS network

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Traffic Steering

Improve performance, lower costs, and add resilience with the largest catalog of DNS traffic steering options in the industry

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DNS for China

3X faster performance in mainland China with our innovative nameserver acceleration technology

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DNS Insights

Gain targeted, actionable information from your DNS data - giving you the power to troubleshoot and optimize your network in real-time

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