Why NS1?

Because we have DNS that moves.

NS1 reinvented a critical part of the application delivery stack that had been overlooked for nearly 30 years.

DNS was - and still is - critical to availability, performance, security and your team's efficiency. So why use DNS that was developed when static apps living in one data center roamed the earth? NS1 innovates for how applications work now, and for where they are headed. NS1 is software based, API-first, data-driven and integration minded, because that's what today's teams need. We help you go faster, work smarter and transform DNS into multi-purpose, modern technology in your application delivery stack.


We proudly offer NS1.Academy, the industry's only free, vendor-neutral DNS certification

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Want to see how our clients use the only DNS that moves?

We make sure your application delivery infrastructure is always available, fast, safe and simple for your team to manage. What’s your next move?

NS1 In Action

It's better with NS1

Give us a few minutes to learn about what's good and not-so-good about your current DNS, and we'll tell you how next-generation NS1 can help.

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