Why NS1?

Because we have DNS that moves.  But our services are here to stay.  

NS1 reinvented a critical part of the application delivery stack that had been overlooked for nearly 30 years.

DNS is a mission critical function for every enterprise. But is more than just a phone book application. It affects how efficiently IT teams can deploy applications, how well those applications perform and how easily new architectures can be implemented.

NS1 developed a new approach to DNS, drawing on the experience of its founders who had hands on responsibility for running cloud services, CDNs and online applications. From this perspective they gained a critical insight: A new DNS could be a powerful tool for solving the challenges of modern infrastructure and application delivery.

Their vision and ability to execute on it have been fully validated by the market. The most recognized names on the internet (e.g. LinkedIn, Salesforce, Yelp, TripAdvisor) rely on NS1 to drive better results for their business. It is not just the well-known internet brands using NS1. NS1 is used by leading companies from dozens of industry verticals who all share a need to run their IT operations more efficiently and improve application performance and uptime.


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