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Connecting Applications and Audiences at the Distributed Edge

NS1 provides modern solutions that transcend conventional boundaries among applications, users, infrastructure and data.

The World Is Powered by Applications

We expect innovation to continually improve our lives through richer, simpler, faster, and more dependable digital experiences.

In turn, the innovative organizations delivering on these expectations require modern technology foundations that enable them to connect applications to audiences at scale, wherever they are.

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NS1 Helps You Connect Your Audiences and Applications

With NS1, you can eliminate the boundaries between applications, users, infrastructure, and data, empowering you to provide exceptional application experiences, ensure business reliability and security, and drive IT efficiency and modernization.

Enable Exceptional User Experiences

Application delivery must be optimized across a variety of factors including: new operating models and architectures, geographic distribution, multiple deployment surfaces, and ever intensifying user expectations.

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Drive IT Efficiency and Modernization

Inflexible, legacy infrastructure and tools require an increasing percentage of budget and maintenance hours to meet application delivery requirements, slow down deployments, and put you at risk for outages or downtime.

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Ensure Enterprise and Application Reliability and Security

Business resilience is synonymous with business success. Network and application infrastructures are foundational to business technology, and they must be highly reliable, secure, and adaptable to disruption. Yet, it has never been more challenging to realize this.

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The NS1 Technology Difference

Consolidated Platform for Application Traffic from the Edge to the Cloud

NS1 is the only vendor with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for application traffic intelligence and automation that extends across your network footprint: from the enterprise edge to the cloud.

A Modern Networking Foundation for Diverse, Globally Distributed Edge Environments

We operate within and integrate with your existing environment, so you can deliver network services into any environment, including core networks, data centers, public cloud, private cloud and hybrid environments.

Unified Management of Internal and External DNS and Application Traffic Steering

Our single pane of glass management interface allows you to consolidate vendors and technology stack. Our DNS products share the same UI, API, and workflows so you can automate once and have it work everywhere.

Real-Time, Data-Driven Traffic Steering

We make data actionable by consuming internet, infrastructure and real user monitoring (RUM) data and providing a powerful policy engine to drive meaningful traffic steering actions.

Best-in-Class DNS for China

NS1 Managed DNS for China is the only China-specific DNS solution for global organizations. Managed DNS for China and Nameserver Acceleration mitigate the performance impact of the “great firewall” for global or .cn domains, with a 2.5x improvement in DNS performance for users in China.

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