Secondary DNS

Eliminate DNS as a single point of failure in your infrastructure.

Although modern managed DNS services are designed for high availability, they are not immune from outages. Outages can result from denial of service attacks, failures in critical network infrastructure, or configuration errors. The result of a DNS outage is that your online services are no longer available to your customers. 

DNS redundancy is becoming a must have for many enterprises, but deploying a redundant DNS infrastructure involves trade-offs in cost, manageability, and performance. NS1 recognizes this and offers several redundant DNS options designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. 

Turnkey Dedicated DNS

With Turnkey Dedicated DNS, you get a DNS service deployed on a separate network and servers from your NS1 Managed DNS. Turnkey Dedicated is deployed on anycasted infrastructure and it is provisioned to meet the your load and geographic distribution requirements. NS1 takes care of design, deployment, and management. Your Dedicated deployment is not shared with any other customers, so it is not exposed to the effects of attacks targeting other customers on the NS1 Managed service or attacks on the service itself. Turnkey Dedicated DNS is ideal for NS1 enterprise customers that use the advanced traffic management capabilities of NS1 Managed DNS.

Dedicated DNS

Dedicated DNS is NS1’s advanced DNS platform deployed on infrastructure you control. Using Dedicated DNS, you can build your own DNS delivery system on your own private data center or public cloud and bring it online as a fully redundant addition to your NS1 Managed DNS service. NS1 manages the Dedicated DNS service while you take responsibility for maintaining network connectivity and servers. This solution is ideal for customers that use NS1 advanced traffic management features and have the infrastructure available to host a DNS. 

Redundant DNS with Another DNS Provider

Many NS1 customers use our service in conjunction with another DNS provider. Because different providers implement DNS traffic management in different ways, there can be complexities in ensuring records are fully synchronized in a dual provider set up. 

NS1 is experienced in working with customers to ensure there are no record synchronization issues and is happy to provide the assistance needed to establish dual provider redundancy. We also support toolkits like OctoDNS and Terraform to make working with multiple DNS providers as easy as possible.

A dual provider approach is ideal for customers that are not heavy users of complex DNS traffic management algorithms.