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August 30, 2017

NS1 Launches First DNS Platform to Offer Full Traffic Management for China-specific Domains

New Offering Brings Industry-Leading Performance and Features to Mainland China for Global and Chinese Brands

NEW YORK, Aug. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- NS1, the leader in intelligent DNS and traffic management, announced today the launch of Managed DNS for China. With this launch, NS1 brings to market the world's first managed DNS network within Mainland China to fully support advanced traffic management features.

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The platform involves a new DNS network comprised of delivery nodes physically located in Mainland China that are well-interconnected with major Chinese internet service providers (ISPs). End users in the region can expect improved response times and an unparalleled application experience when accessing content and applications powered by NS1's Managed DNS for China platform.

NS1's Managed DNS for China network offers full feature parity with the company's industry-leading Managed DNS platform, including NS1's Filter Chain™ technology, Pulsar routing engine, and single pane of glass UI and API interfaces. It also provides real-time propagation for changes in record configurations, monitors and Data Feed telemetry.

The solution builds upon the company's years of experience in building and managing globally distributed DNS networks for enterprises. Benefits include:

  • Full-Featured Traffic Management: Complete access to NS1's Filter Chain™ technology, monitoring, Data Feeds, third party integrations and ability to leverage Pulsar telemetry-based routing
  • Improved reliability: DNS queries from China don't need to traverse the "Great Firewall," which can lead to traffic being slowed down or blocked entirely
  • Unified management with NS1's Managed DNS platform: Zone and record management is offered through NS1's modern, easy-to-use management portal
  • Full API support with real-time propagation: Changes to records, monitors and Data Feeds are propagated to DNS delivery nodes in seconds

Jonathan Sullivan, co-founder and chief product officer of NS1, said: "Global enterprises and businesses based in Mainland China are looking for an in-region DNS solution that offers improved reliability and performance along with full-featured traffic management capabilities. Managed DNS for China addresses these needs by bringing the full power of the NS1 platform directly into the region. We're excited to be the first to offer a flexible and seamless way for global brands to manage their internet traffic within the Chinese market. Businesses with domains dedicated to servicing audiences in Mainland China now have access to the same world-class platform that has made NS1 the DNS and traffic management provider of choice for the biggest brands on the internet."

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint, a leading digital experience intelligence company, said: "For years we have worked with international brands to optimize digital performance for Chinese audiences. We've seen time and time again that DNS is a critical factor in optimizing delivery in China. NS1's Managed DNS for China offering makes it possible to address this need with a modern, full-featured DNS and traffic management platform from a trusted global Managed DNS provider."

About NS1
NS1's intelligent DNS and traffic management platform, with its data-driven architecture and unique Filter Chain routing engine, is purpose-built for the most demanding, mission-critical applications on the internet. NS1's comprehensive platform technology leverages infrastructure, application, and network data to make intelligent routing decisions in real time, ensuring optimal application performance and reliability. NS1's customers include Yelp, DropBox, Imgur, Salesforce, The Guardian, Pandora, and others. Visit to learn more.

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