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July 27, 2016

NS1 Gains Momentum as New Customer Wins and Existing Customer Expansions Drive Record Growth

Rapid Adoption of NS1’s Managed DNS, Dedicated DNS and Pulsar Solutions Reveal Market Readiness for a New Approach to Application Delivery Management

NEW YORK – July 27, 2016 NS1®, the leading intelligent DNS and traffic management provider, announced today record-breaking 2Q2016 performance driven by new customer acquisitions, major expansions with existing clients and its recently launched Dedicated DNS offering.

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NS1 enables application developers and IT operations professionals to enhance user experience, reduce operating costs and automate dynamic infrastructure changes. Through an easy-to-use, fully-managed, cloud-based service, the platform converges three previously disparate technologies into a unified solution including managed DNS, internal/private network DNS and traffic management.

  • Sales and marketing execution drives massive growth – To keep pace with customer demand, sales and marketing headcount doubled from Q22015. For the fifth consecutive quarter, the company achieved triple-digit, same-quarter, year-over-year growth while its industry-leading support drove a 99 percent customer retention rate.
  • Rapid adoption signals a tipping point – As leading brands continue the rapid adoption of NS1’s Managed DNS, Dedicated DNS and Pulsar solutions, it is clear the market is shifting away from legacy providers and appliance-based solutions.
    • Demand from performance-focused internet companies continues to accelerate as NS1 becomes the standard for traffic management.
    • The company saw continued growth in enterprise customer engagements as C-level executives recognize its ability to help drive initiatives like cloud migration, infrastructure as code and digital transformation.
    • New and existing customers leverage Dedicated DNS for private and internal networks across use cases as diverse as corporate DNS, container service discovery, and for redundancy in public-facing properties.
  • Intelligent, integrated and automated – NS1’s integration stack now includes dozens of native integrations, SDKs and toolkits with leading DevOps solutions designed to make it easier to automate critical processes, provide real-time visibility and detailed analytics. These include a native integration with Grafana, the leading open source project for visualizing metrics, to enable turnkey visibility into DNS performance and utilization, an Apache Mesos connector to enable DNS-based service discovery for Mesos clusters via the NS1 platform, and a native command line tool to enable flexible integration of NS1 into any DevOps workflow.
  • Corporate developments – The company continues to build awareness around the business impact and importance of a modern approach to application delivery management. In June, NS1 executives Kris Beevers and Jonathan Sullivan spoke at Velocity and Monitorama 2016, respectively, about the impact of intelligent traffic management for modern applications.

Kris Beevers, cofounder and CEO of NS1, said:
“We are seeing a dramatic change in the application delivery management marketplace. As companies look to improve performance, reliability and extensibility of their applications, they are discovering how to unlock the potential in a critical technology they already use, DNS. By leveraging network, user and infrastructure telemetry, application developers can now architect solutions that intelligently respond to conditions in real time to route users to the best endpoint. Now, with Dedicated DNS, we are extending this capability to internal/private networks as well as giving customers the ability to run seamless dual-network DNS for ultimate redundancy.”

About NS1
NS1’s intelligent DNS and traffic management platform, with its data-driven architecture and unique Filter Chain routing engine, is purpose-built for the most demanding, mission-critical applications on the Internet. NS1’s comprehensive platform technology leverages infrastructure, application, and network data to make intelligent routing decisions in real time, ensuring optimal application performance and reliability. NS1’s customers include Yelp, Imgur, MaxCDN, Collective Media and others. Visit NS1 to learn more.