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NS1 performance claims

All the data behind the metrics we’re proud of

Top tier response times

DNSPerf Rankings

NS1 routinely sits in the top tier of authoritative DNS performance metrics measured by third parties. DNSPerf is the most commonly used data set - you’ll see there that NS1 is in the “green” tier of authoritative DNS providers, indicating the best performing services on the market.

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A note on rankings

It’s important to note that the rankings within the DNSPerf tiers aren’t necessarily meaningful - the difference between #10 and #11 might be a single microsecond. Read our blog about how to analyze DNS performance metrics for more nuance on what DNSPerf measures.

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3X faster performance in mainland China

Performance in China compared to our competitors

We used Catchpoint to test NS1’s DNS for China service against major competitors. The data below was compiled over the course of a week in June 2022, sorted by average test time. As you can see, our DNS for China service was by far the fastest (although our regular Managed DNS service was no slouch in second place).

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Visualizing these rankings

Here’s that same data, mapped by test time (vertical axis) against speed percentile (horizontal axis):

NS1’s filter chains and RUM-based traffic steering offers 3X more options than our nearest competitor, providing our customers with the most flexible, customizable traffic steering system out there. Here’s the breakdown:

NS1 (24 filter options)

AWS R53 (8 filter options)

Azure DNS (6 filter options)

Google Cloud DNS (6 filter options)

Vercara (2 filter options)

Cloudflare (5 filter options)

NS1 Connect capacity claims

NS1 Connect QPM: 2019-2023

In October 2023, the NS1 Connect platform handled 3.6 trillion QPM