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Customer Stories

Migrating to NS1

Below are examples of enterprises who have successfully migrated from Oracle Dyn and the benefits they experienced.

Ns1 DNS Security inverted

Ensure Business Reliability & Security

Social Media Technology Company


When customer experience is impacted, businesses suffer— especially those which rely on giving users visibility into their global professional network.

DDoS vulnerability is always a fear, and has the ability to take down whole networks at a time. This organization knew it needed a redundant solution to ensure end-user application experience, meet 100% uptime commitments, and reduce the risk of financial consequences.


When attacks happen, this organization confidently knows its end users are not impacted.

In the background, NS1’s Dedicated DNS ensures network uptime, and delivers the added perk of letting the team enjoy their personal lives rather than fighting DDoS fires. With NS1, this global company knows it can commit to 100% uptime, and suffer 0 financial consequences.

Ns1 DEVOPS Automation inverted

Improve IT Efficiency & Modernize Infrastructure

Security Technology Company


A tech-first company, this organization required a managed DNS solution with a robust API as its previous DNS vendor was frequently hitting API limits.


Previous DNS provider’s lack of flexibility forced this company to look elsewhere choosing the NS1 solution due to its: ease of use, flexible API and portal, long-term roadmap, customer success program, and the prospect of also deploying the NS1 dedicated DNS solution when the time was right.

Ns1 Disaster Recovery inverted

Ensure End-User Application Experience

Streaming Media Company


For a global radio and streaming service, DNS is a business-critical component to end-user availability.

This organization was using three different DNS providers and realized one was coming up short in its ability to keep pace with query volume.


Stability, uptime, technology vision and a seasoned and attentive customer success team were critical to the decision making process when evaluating secondary providers.

With NS1’s filter chains and flexible API, this company now optimizes DNS rather than worrying about downtime and latency.

Ns1 Application Performance inverted

Ensure Business Reliability & Security

European media company


Realizing they had a single point of failure, this European media services company decided it needed to invest in a second DNS vendor for redundancy and looked to NS1’s Dedicated DNS solution.


After deploying NS1 Dedicated DNS the team quickly realized NS1 was outserving the traffic on the regular managed DNS.

Today, NS1 serves more queries than the incumbent managed DNS solution. Additionally, traffic routing has improved with the NS1 Managed DNS as a result of the many filter chains used to route traffic and provide end users a better experience.

Ns1 Global Server Load Balancing inverted

Enhance End-User Application Experience

Crowd sourcing media company


When serving real-time information and ratings to end users, availability to quickly access information regardless of device or location is critical. End users demand redundancy and little to no latency when using this service.

The solutions this large global review site had in place started to fail. This failure, coupled with the incumbent DNS vendor's limitations in shedding, routing traffic appropriate, and easy user controls forced the global review site to make a change.


After a trial period using NS1's Managed DNS, this global review site quickly saw the value of NS1's real-time API integrations, and simple, intuitive filter chain for traffic routing.

After migrating its site to NS1 Managed DNS, the team quickly decided to migrate the rest of its sites to and deployed NS1 Dedicated DNS for reliable redundancy.

Looking for more information on migrating to NS1?

For a step-by-step guide to migrating to NS1, review our checklist.