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Katie Tregurtha
Posted by
Katie Tregurtha on
October 19, 2020

Summer 2020 Event Roundup: Empowering Remote Workers and Other Industry Insights

Some of our favorite virtual industry events of the summer provided excellent insight into how companies are adapting to our now predominantly digital world.

Common themes emerged across events. Specifically, there was a focus on how to scale and enable the remote workforce, and how to empower next-gen network management.

Keep reading for more takeaways from our summer 2020 events.

Scaling and Enabling The Remote Workforce

At Catchpoint’s SREfromHome, there were a number of excellent sessions covering how teams (SREs in particular) can work productively while fully remote, and continue to ensure a high level of site reliability. You can access replays of the sessions here.

Similarly, sessions at LeadDevLive provided practical tips on how engineering leaders can build strong teams and enable teamwork while fully remote.

Building the Next-Generation Network

Building strong remote teams is a crucial first step towards building a more resilient, next-generation IT infrastructure for your company. At DASH, hosted by Datadog, sessions focused on how DevOps practitioners can scale the next generation of applications and infrastructure, as well as technical teams.

A recent webcast hosted by NADOG covered how companies can build more innovative technical teams in greater detail. The session, “Moving to DevSecOps”, featured Lisa LaFleur, Sr Leader, Global Cybersecurity at Raytheon - you can catch the replay here.

Enabling those teams to do their best work requires CI/CD. Trajectory LIVE, hosted by LaunchDarkly, provided advice on how teams can improve their deployment practices.

And for a broader viewpoint on how companies can continue to modernize their IT infrastructure, check out replays of Google Cloud Next ‘20. Sessions were held throughout the summer covering topics such as cloud AI, application modernization, security, data management and more.

Interested in learning more about modernizing your IT infrastructure?

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