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Evan Rich
Posted by
Evan Rich on
January 5, 2016

NS1 Monitoring Notifications in Slack

Running a modern web property at scale means that it’s critical to know what’s happening at every layer of your application. DNS is no exception, and if NS1 detects a failure we have a number of mechanisms available that can notify you in real-time. Today we’re announcing another kind of integration: NS1’s native monitoring platform can now deliver alerts directly to you via Slack. Setup is a breeze and this integration is available to all NS1 clients today.

The integration is fully customizable – notify your entire operations team when there’s a blip on your primary datacenter, or restrict specific notifications to a individual users or channels. Leveraging NS1 alerts helps improve communication so your team can put out fires quickly, before they cascade and turn into raging infernos. To setup your own notification, head on over to our knowledgebase and follow this simple guide.

We’ll be adding many new integrations throughout the year. Many are already possible thanks to our native webhook support, but if you’d like to see NS1 work with other specific tools, don’t be shy and let us know.