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January 17, 2018

NS1 Announces a New OctoDNS Integration and the Terraform Integration Gets an Upgrade

NS1 has a family of integrations to help you get the most out of your infrastructure as code projects using our Managed DNS solutions. Today we’re announcing a new addition, OctoDNS, and an update to an old friend, Terraform.

At NS1, we're proud to contribute to open source communities. OctoDNS is a project designed by Github to synchronize DNS zone and record configurations across multiple providers. Our new OctoDNS integration will support static DNS records similar to the functionality found in XFR transfers in two or more authoritative DNS providers. As with XFR synchronization, the information to be synchronized is limited to the basic set of geographic routing features supported by all your providers.

Keeping DNS records in sync across multiple providers is a complicated undertaking. Nate Lindstrom, our VP of Solutions Engineering, gave an excellent webinar detailing all of the options along with their pros and cons. At a high level there are three basic choices: XFR, custom middleware, or NS1’s unique redundant DNS solution. If you’re looking for a multi-provider DNS solution with full feature parity and synchronization, you should take a look at our turn-key redundant DNS technology.

Terraform, created by HashiCorp, is a widely used configuration management tool for automating deployment of servers and applications. We’ve had a Terraform integration since March 2017. At that time the integration was limited to creating static DNS records based on infrastructure moves, adds, or changes made in Terraform.

Now, thanks to some additions to NS1’s Terraform provider, the Terraform integration allows for full metadata configuration. Management of DNS records, including the configuration of geolocation records, through NS1 in combination with Terraform’s infrastructure as code environment provides you with confidence and resiliency required in today’s network environments.

If you have any interesting projects involving multiple DNS providers, IaaS deployments, or just have a general question about DNS automation, you’re more than welcome to get in touch.