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Joe Gran
Posted by
Joe Gran on
March 10, 2021

How to Migrate Easily from Oracle Dyn DNS

Migrating from Oracle Dyn to NS1 is easy, thanks to automation and our Customer Success team's deep expertise

NS1 Customer Success Engineers and Customer Success Managers embody their “Success” titles as they help customers throughout their journey with NS1. This is evident by the over 95% positive Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating and Net Promoter Score (NPS) steadily above 65. Even before a customer can recognize us with these scores, they need to migrate their DNS configuration into NS1’s platform. It is the job of our Success Engineers and Success Managers to make this a seamless transition with no downtime. We ensure parity or better compared to former DNS providers, meet migration timelines, and leverage advanced NS1 traffic routing features that the customer may not have had access to before. Our deep expertise, automated processes, quality assurance reporting, structured migration plan, and dedicated resources make onboarding simple and seamless for our customers.

As Director of Global Support at NS1, I oversee the Customer Success Engineers as they onboard new customers to our platform. Recently, the team migrated two large and complex customers from Oracle Dyn to NS1 that demonstrate the maturity of the team and technology we’ve built to make migrations seamless for our customers. NS1’s internal communication was top-notch during these migrations and our Customer Success Engineers left no stone unturned as we migrated, optimized and validated the DNS configurations from Oracle Dyn to NS1.

NS1 migration process from Oracle Dyn

These customers stand out to me as exemplary migration experiences and a true representation of the level of service and support NS1 provides. NS1 Customer Success Engineers understand the importance of getting data into the NS1 Managed DNS platform quickly and accurately. This is why we’ve taken some of the manual aspects out of customer migrations from Oracle Dyn to NS1 by building automations and tools to help this process.

In the first migration, a Fintech company, our support engineers migrated nearly a thousand Traffic Directors from Oracle Dyn to NS1 in just a matter of minutes using in-house scripts. This work easily could have taken multiple weeks and be prone to human error if done manually. On top of the migration of traffic routing directives into NS1 Filter Chains (intelligent traffic routing rules), our Customer Success Engineers were easily able to spot multiple instances where NS1 advanced features could be leveraged, allowing for improved traffic routing from the existing configuration and with the customer’s permission, delivered a better optimized result.

Accuracy was of utmost importance to our global video streaming customer, the second Oracle Dyn migration. Our automations made quick work of pulling data from Oracle Dyn to create NS1 zones, records, monitors, and Filter Chain intelligent routing. Our Customer Success Engineers have also created a tool to automate how consistency checks are run between NS1 and a customer’s previous provider. In doing this, we were able to provide immediate turn-around on consistency check reports for our customers ensuring that upon delegation to NS1 no end-user would be affected by the change in DNS provider.

In both cases, the customer remarked that their DNS capabilities are now more intelligent and easier to manage. Routing rules like weighted sticky shuffle, and advanced geographic targeting are not available in Oracle Dyn, yet allow these customers the ability to provide the fastest, most reliable user experience by shifting traffic away from overloaded resources, and eliminating flapping between resources. NS1 Customer Success Engineers gladly held in-service learning sessions to teach the customer’s team about the various traffic routing filters and how they could be combined to provide optimized experiences based on application, geography, and other criteria. NS1 is fundamentally a different service than Oracle Dyn.

The NS1 Difference

With 100% satisfaction rate among enterprise clients, let NS1's team of seasoned DNS experts design a customized, white-glove migration plan for you.