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Carl Levine
Posted by
Carl Levine on
October 28, 2016

How OneLogin Maintains 100% Uptime by Leveraging A Dual Provider Setup

Our friends at OneLogin, a fiercely staunch advocate for reliability and uptime, have written this article in response to recent events. I highly recommend this article as a great example of what other enterprises should strive to achieve in deploying redundant solutions, among other key practices like Agile methodologies and Continuous Deployment.

If you're looking to mirror OneLogin's strategies in operational redundancy, you may be interested in an article we wrote on the topic, here. If you have other questions or concerns about your application's resiliency, the team at NS1 is happy to have a frank and honest discussion about strategically bolstering your infrastructure for the challenges of today's Internet. Just send us a note and tell us how we can help.

Visit OneLogin's blog to learn more.