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Brian Zeman
Posted by
Brian Zeman on
June 25, 2019

Fight DNS Industry Consolidation with NS1 Innovation and Services

Today we unveiled our “At Home with NS1” program for Managed DNS customers impacted by their service providers’ decisions to move their services to new platforms. The At Home with NS1 program includes seamless enterprise DNS migration services and some financial relief from contract commitments. It’s specially designed for organizations stuck in legacy DNS services that need the performance, automation and scalability of NS1’s modern, API-first DNS solutions to leverage multiple clouds or content delivery networks, edge computing and serverless platforms. 

You can read about it in detail here, but I wanted to take a step back and talk about how independent innovation – and choice – is critical in key areas of your connected and complex enterprise infrastructure. 

I’ve spent about two-thirds of my career at large companies and know the platform playbook well. Aging giants acquire more innovative businesses, integrate their technology into legacy systems (with mixed results), often shed some staff, and then push their now-bigger platform. They want you using as much of that platform as possible. Sometimes, that makes sense, but often it doesn’t. 

The DNS industry has experienced similar consolidation with Oracle’s acquisition of Dyn and Neustar’s acquisition of UltraDNS and Verisign’s DNS contracts. So often, the shiny, acquired tech is relegated to a loss leader, used as a wedge in the door to sell legacy products.  Or worse, the product is abandoned. Innovation in acquired technologies slows and may even disappear. Support experts are replaced by generalists. That increases tremendous risk for the installed base whose businesses depend on those services. 

Consolidation is especially problematic with DNS because it is the first stop for all application traffic, which makes it a key point of leverage in modern application development and delivery.   Positive user experiences depend on DNS, which drives revenue and loyalty. Bad actors have stepped up their attacks on DNS this year, costing brands millions in lost revenue and reputation. These market forces – user expectations and more intense attacks on application security – are driving IT teams to embrace innovation in their DNS infrastructure in order to guarantee the very best and safest application and customer experiences. 

NS1 continues to innovate in the DNS space. Our team leads the industry body that is developing DNSSEC standards. We are the only DNS provider offering Active Traffic Steering based on RUM (Real User Measurement) data to make real-time traffic routing decisions. Our API-first platform makes it easy to automate and integrate into other technology in your stack. And we make it easy to become an NS1 customer. Many have done it, especially in the wake of recent acquisitions or corporate transitions at the older, legacy DNS vendors. Our white-glove migration service is there to assist, and you’ll get a taste of NS1’s expert customer support, which Toyota Financial Services called “second to none.” 

Get in touch with NS1 today at [email protected] to take advantage of our migration services for Oracle Dyn and Verisign customers.  We’re here to welcome you.

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