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June 3, 2020

Promoting Equality and Advancing the Conversation Around Racism

NS1 condemns and denounces the acts of brutality committed against black members of our communities. We also acknowledge the truth that this violence is a symptom of systemic discrimination, oppression, and racism that must be confronted. We are committed to advancing the conversation around racism within our company and communities and creating opportunities for education, inclusion and justice while supporting those who continue to fight for these ideals.

To that end we are taking several steps to help promote equality and advance the conversation around racism:

  • It is imperative that we do not distract from the conversation around racism or the importance of these events. As such, we’ve decided to remain silent on social media for the remainder of this week, refraining from any promotional posts. We have also decided to postpone our INS1GHTS2020 virtual conference, scheduled for June 11th, to a future date.
  • Every month NS1 makes a donation to a cause chosen by our employees. Over the next few months we will direct our donations to organizations chosen by our team that reach out to the community and support initiatives that strive to put an end to racism.
  • While immediate actions such as these help advance the conversation, we believe the best way companies like NS1 can help make change is to invest in communities that face systemic discrimination by hiring. We will establish transparent goals for hiring and team diversity, and we will hold ourselves accountable by providing visibility to those goals and our team’s diversity.