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Kris Beevers
Posted by
Kris Beevers on
April 6, 2015

Announcing NSONE's $5.35M Series A funding

The internet is a dynamic place.

Seven or eight years ago, if you were building an application, it was probably sitting in a monolithic datacenter — most likely in a colocation environment on servers you'd bought, behind switches and routers you owned. You probably had a hefty database server, a few application servers, maybe a load balancer. You had sysadmins who knew the ins-and-outs of every config file.

Today, chances are your application is deployed on dynamically provisioned infrastructure rented from an IaaS provider, using automated deployment and configuration management tools. Probably, you're using a stack that's meant to be deployed on multiple servers, or even in multiple datacenters, to maximize performance and reliability — or if you're not there yet, you're probably thinking about it.

Applications today are dynamic and distributed.

The way you build and deploy applications has changed, but the way your users reach them is still mostly the same: a simple DNS lookup is the very first indication that someone on the internet wants to interact with your application. But the technology behind DNS hasn't kept up with the times.

After our years of experience watching the tectonic shifts in the internet infrastructure industry — where we built public cloud and bare metal platforms, CDNs, and more for some of the most demanding online properties — we set out to rethink DNS and traffic management with NSONE.

Our viewpoint is simple: DNS lookup is a great time to make truly intelligent traffic management decisions, based on real data about what's happening right now in an application's infrastrucure and on the internet.

Our goal has been to build a truly modern DNS platform around this idea, and we have succeeded with the help of a stellar team, a great set of advisers, and most importantly, our amazing customers.

NSONE has been providing rock solid, lightning fast delivery of high volume, super intelligent DNS for the most demanding properties on the internet for nearly two years.

Now it's time to go even faster.

Today we announced our $5.35M Series A fundraise, led by Flybridge Capital Partners and Sigma Prime Ventures, with participation from Founder Collective, Center Electric, and a number of other great investors. We're thrilled to be working with such a stellar group that truly gets the scale of the vision we're working toward — well beyond DNS and traffic management — and isn't afraid of a deep dive into the guts of the internet. Our investors, including our new board members David Aronoff and Raju Rishi, have a huge breadth and depth of experience that we're already drawing on to great effect.

With these new resources, we're rapidly growing our team, expanding our infrastructure footprint, and looking forward to bringing even more powerful new tech into our platform this year.

If you live and breathe high volume, mission critical infrastructure, come join us and help us get eyeballs to the most demanding applications on the internet!