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Alex Vayl
Posted by
Alex Vayl on
October 13, 2015

A New Look and An Even Better Routing Engine – Pulsar

Today we are pleased to announce two major company milestones. First, we officially changed our name – a bit – from NSONE (pronounced ‘N-S-1’) to NS1 (pronounced… you guessed it, ‘N-S-1’). Second, we are announcing the general availability of Pulsar™ as a fully integrated component of the NS1 platform.

First things first: why did we change our name? Frankly, we think it’s a little easier on the eyes, but more importantly this marks the next chapter in our journey to bring game changing technology to the DNS and traffic management space. The name change won’t have any impact on the application, integrations, or APIs, so there is no need for existing NS1 customers to make any technical adjustments.

Now for the really big news: We are thrilled to debut Pulsar™, the only DNS and traffic management solution on the market to converge user, network, and infrastructure data. Pulsar is a cloud-based routing engine that collects and aggregates data from end users across the globe and uses that information to make real-time, intelligent, routing decisions. Coupled with our Filter Chain technology and data feeds, Pulsar puts the NS1 platform in a class of its own, with deeper automation and intelligence than has ever existed in a DNS and traffic management platform.

For application developers, Pulsar moves the plane of control significantly beyond the data center, out to the extreme edges of the Internet – where the user is. This enables unprecedented control over Internet traffic and can drive down response times and improve quality of service, ensuring an always-on environment and enhancing end user experience.

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