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Become a DNS master with NS1’s free eLearning videos.

Learn the fundamentals of DNS!

As the world continues to grow smaller with the proliferation of the Internet as an increasingly commoditized platform for all manner of business, commerce, entertainment, and more, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of what makes it all work.

The Domain Name System, DNS for short, is a key operational piece of the Internet. Understanding how it works is crucial for anyone who works with Internet infrastructure.

These free videos will help you become a DNS expert regardless of whether you are a seasoned network administrator or just getting started with using DNS.

NS1 Academy eLearning Videos

Watch all eight videos to get the most out of NS1 Academy, or if you’re interested in a particular topic, feel free to skip ahead:

Introduction to DNS

An introductory module, highlighting the fundamental theory and practice of the Domain Name System.

External DNS

Applying the fundamentals learned in the Introduction to DNS course to real-world, business applications for Internet-facing properties.

Internal DNS

The DNS isn’t just for resolving names on the Internet - it plays a key role in internal business systems as well. This module highlights the pertinent use cases and applications for Internal DNS.

DNS Record Types

The DNS remains a ubiquitous, and powerful translation layer for all manner of Internet traffic. Understanding the types of data that can be transmitted through this protocol is essential.

Advanced DNS Functionality

Going beyond the simple mapping of names to numbers, the DNS can also be used as a powerful way to put users closer to the content they are seeking. This module explores the DNS in its modern form: a powerful, ubiquitous load balancing control plane for application delivery.

DNS Toolbox

Learn about the essential tools and utilities that can be used to optimize the DNS, and troubleshoot DNS issues when they come up.

DNS Threat Surface

The DNS’ ubiquity does come with a price, and understanding the ways that it can come under attack is crucial. This module explores the threat surface that the DNS is subject to, and ways to thwart would-be attackers.


DNSSEC (DNS Security Extension) is a powerful extension of the DNS that authenticates DNS responses for the sake of thwarting cache poisoning and other spoofing attacks. Learn all about how DNSSEC works, and how to implement it to protect your online presence.

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Your Instructors

NS1 Academy is presented by our team of experienced IT professionals who live and breathe DNS every day. We’ve worked together to create an easy to digest creating this approachable, interactive, and dynamic content.

Carl Levine
Carl Levine

Senior Technical Evangelist

Carl J. Levine is the Senior Technical Evangelist for NS1. Carl brings 20+ years of experience with networking protocols to the NS1.Academy faculty, along with an uncanny gift for explaining technically complex ideas in a simple, succinct, and understandable way. When Carl isn’t tinkering under the hood of the Internet, he’s likely under the hood of an old Swedish car.

Jonathan Lewis
Jonathan Lewis

VP, Product Marketing

A frequent speaker at industry events and an active contributor to technical and business publications, Jonathan always seeks to productively inform his audience. His past positions include senior product management and marketing roles at Nortel and Arbor Networks. His expertise encompasses network, infrastructure and security technologies.

Devin Bernosky
Devin Bernosky

Lead Solutions Engineer

A frequent contributor to technical and business publications, Devin always seeks to productively inform his audience. He's focused on network infrastructure and internet traffic management, consulting with large enterprises to aid in the design and implementation of infrastructure that's critical to application and content delivery.

James McCarthy
James McCarthy

Director of Solutions Engineering

With over 10 years’ experience of working in the IT industry, James McCarthy made the move to the DNS space 6 years ago and most recently to NS1. There he helps companies implement NS1’s next-generation DNS solutions that transform DNS into a key component of the application delivery stack.