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Managed DNS Plans

NS1’s cloud-based Managed DNS solution delivers the capabilities and speed to improve application performance and drive your business further, faster.

Free Plan
Enterprise Premium
Queries (millions/month) What’s a “Query”? When someone types in a domain address, like, they are essentially asking a question about what IP address their machine should connect to. As an authoritative DNS provider, NS1 answers these questions when asked by any machine including recursive DNS services offered by Internet Service Providers (ISP). 0.5 100 1,000 3,000
Records What’s a “Record”? A DNS record is the basic unit of information in the DNS. A record is identified by a domain name (like, a type (like A, AAAA, MX, NS, and so on) indicating the type of information contained in the record, some control information like DNS cache time-to-live (TTL), and "answer" data like server IPs, mail hosts, etc, depending on the record type. 50 1,000 3,000 5,000
Monitors What’s a “Monitoring Job”? Our built in monitoring capabilities provide a quick and easy way to detect a down server and reroute traffic based upon real time infrastructure telemetry. 1 10 50 150
Monitors Frequency (seconds) What’s a “Monitoring Job”? Our built in monitoring capabilities provide a quick and easy way to detect a down server and reroute traffic based upon real time infrastructure telemetry. 60 30 20 20
Filter Chains What’s a “Filter Chain”? Filters are mix and match rules that attach to your DNS records to form an intelligent routing algorithm called a Filter Chain. Depending on your plan, you will be able to attach Filter Chains to a certain number of records. 1 2 10 100
Email Support Included Included Included
Phone Support Included Included Included
24/7 Emergency Support Available Included
Professional Services Available Included
Chat-Based Migration Support Available Included
Dedicated CS Manager Available Included
PULSAR What is PULSAR? Pulsar enables you to manage your application’s traffic based on real-time performance data captured from actual end users.  Available Included

DNS & traffic management optimized for your Chinese audience

NS1 is the world’s first DNS platform to offer full modern Traffic Management capabilities locally for China-specific domains. Managed DNS for China is powered by delivery nodes in key markets including Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, and Shenzhen.

Managed DNS for China offers DNS response times that are up to 15x faster when compared to other industry-leading providers. Other benefits include:

  • Full-Featured Traffic Management - Full access to NS1’s Filter Chain™ technology, Monitoring, Data Feeds, 3rd party Integrations, and ability to leverage Pulsar telemetry-based routing
  • Improved reliability - DNS queries from China do not need to traverse the “Great Firewall” which can lead to traffic being slowed down or blocked entirely
  •  Unified Management with NS1’s Managed DNS platform - Zone and record management is offered through NS1’s modern, easy to use management portal
  • Full API support with real-time propagation - changes to records, monitors, and Data Feeds are propagated to DNS delivery nodes in seconds.

Mainland China Network POPs NS1’s Managed DNS for China network is deeply interconnected with top tier Chinese ISPs including China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile.

PVG01 Shanghai

TAO01 Qingdao

PEK01 Beijing

SZX01 Shenzhen


Contact Us For Dedicated DNS Pricing

  • Fully managed, allowing you to free up IT's time and eliminate expensive support contracts
  • Straight forward per server pricing model
  • Can be deployed directly to existing hardware or as a VM
  • Unmetered traffic which allows you to right size your deployment
  • Easy deployment no need for professional services
  • No expensive upgrade costs
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Contact Us For Pulsar Pricing

  • Use your most relevant application performance metrics to increase customer engagement and reduce churn
  • Optimize costs by automatically moving traffic to lower cost providers based on your budget requirements
  • Single provider for both managed DNS and traffic management. One vendor, one bill.
  • Natively integrated with the NS1 platform. No need for expensive deployment services.
  • Gain the benefits of Pulsar’s community data. Get billing credits by contributing to community data.
  • Flat, straightforward monthly fee
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