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Enhancing End User Application Experience

Seismic shifts in application delivery requirements demand a new technology foundation

Success in the modern business world rests on delivering exceptional application experiences for both customers and employees. Yet, the complexity of today’s application networks makes increasing speed and performance a challenge.

Improve your application speed and performance to outperform customer expectations

Application delivery must be optimized across a variety of factors including; new operating models and architectures, geographic distribution, multiple deployment surfaces, and ever intensifying user expectations.

Why ns1 supporting

Customer Impact

The speed and performance of applications directly impacts customer experience and consequently affects revenue, brand and customer retention.

Employee Impact

Employees consume enterprise resources as-a-service in the form of applications. Decreases in speed and performance directly impacts productivity, the operational costs and employee satisfaction and engagement.

The Growing Importance of Application Performance

  • Through 2024, organizations will bring forward digital business transformation plans by at least 5 years. (Gartner)
  • Companies with more than 2000 employees are deploying on average 163 apps, an increase by 68% over the last 3 years (Okta)
  • Home Depot’s 2019 Annual Report cited enhancing their digital customer experience for improving customer satisfaction

Optimizing Application Performance Starts with DNS

Learn how & why optimizing your application delivery performance starts with leveraging application traffic intelligence and automation at the DNS layer.

How to Improve Application Delivery Speed and Performance

Optimize Infrastructure

Build infrastructure that is optimized for performance.

  • Establish global points of presence that are reliable and secure
  • Use lightweight, scalable and software-defined solutions
  • Automate through APIs to adapt to changing environments

Utilize Data

Simplify traffic management with intelligent, data driven decisions.

  • Create policy engines based on multiple data sources
  • Route traffic intelligently using geo-location, latency, user behavior, CDN data, customer route maps and more.

Excercise Agility

Automate and integrate with tools to improve efficiency and agility.

  • Integrate into CI/CD pipelines and automate with APIs.
  • Increase velocity of DNS propagation times
  • Integrate with monitoring tools to improve management.

Improve Application Performance with NS1

Get a tailored demo with one of our experts to learn how NS1 can improve the delivery of your most crucial applications.

NS1 makes your applications faster, more secure, and more reliable.

Critical Infrastructure Redundancy

We work to support your application performance needs by providing highly performant, redundant, and globally available DNS and application traffic management infrastructure.

Network Services for Distributed Environments

Our lightweight software-defined DDI solution enables you to distribute and deploy critical network services (DNS/DHCP) close to where they are needed, avoiding the overhead and performance impact of backhauling to legacy centralized infrastructure.

Data-Driven Intelligent Routing

Our technology platform uses data from a variety of sources: internet, community, infrastructure to drive intelligent routing decisions.

Precise Traffic Management

Our advanced application traffic management capabilities powered by Filter Chains can be applied to internal and external applications to precisely regulate traffic flows across multiple data centers, multiple cloud environments, multiple CDNs and more to ensure the best possible outcomes for your end users and employees.

Automate for Efficiency and Agility

Our external and internal DNS as well as DHCP and IPAM Automation solutions improve efficiency and agility

Integrates with Key Tools

Our products integrate with monitoring/visibility tools (Catchpoint, Cloudwatch, Datadog, Pingdom) and workflow automation tools (ServiceNow, Terraform, OctoDNS).

NS1 Solutions

Dedicated DNS

Physically and logically separate next-generation DNS provisioned just for you, anywhere

Redundant and Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS running alongside another, separate DNS provider.

Global Traffic Management

Granular and automatic global traffic management policies enabled by our patented Filter Chain (™) technology.

VPN Traffic Steering

Automated VPN routing enables you to send remote users to the optimal, healthy VPN site.

Pulsar Active Traffic Steering

Intelligent traffic steering using real-time user monitoring and highly customizable routing logic.

Cloud-Managed DNS, DHCP, and IPAM

We provide the only internet-scale, cloud-native DDI solution that delivers modern DNS and DHCP anywhere, with centralized IPAM in the cloud; from the edge to the core.

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