Application Performance Optimization

Overcome problems with availability, latency, or throughput, and route based on cost of service to achieve unprecedented performance and efficiency.

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Real User Management Honed for the Ultimate Experience

Teams that measure application performance with "average" metrics like "average" availability percentage or "average" time to first / last byte are not seeing the data that could be costing them big money. For most applications, there is a wide gap in performance for a small percentage of users at "the long tail" in every region and on every network you serve. Modern traffic engineering practitioners optimize for everyone, everywhere, so they dig into why performance at the 90th, 95th, or even 99th percentile of users could be failing. They know that every percentage of users who get a great experience means more revenue, more referrals and happier customers.


Multi Cloud & CDN

Beyond Geography

Traffic engineering has come a long way, thanks to next-generation DNS. Just a few years ago, your choices were limited to routing users based on resource availability or geography, and there were no specific capabilities for optimizing traffic routing among multiple providers, like CDNs and clouds. Most rules were applied universally, without regard to any factors like real-time network conditions, which data center or edge node had previously served the user, her city or even or her ASN. And you couldn't decide to route traffic to a lower-cost CDN or cloud, if other performance parameters were met.  NS1 gives you the power to precisely engineer traffic routing on all of your infrastructure, for every user, at all times. 

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Filter Chain

Hundreds of Traffic Engineering Options

NS1’s DNS filters are like little programs that run inline for every DNS query and are attached directly to RFC-compliant DNS records.  Only NS1's filters go beyond simple availability and geographic filters. You can apply availability and geography based filters alongside incredibly useful filters such as shed load, stickiness, shuffle / weighted shuffle, net fence prefix, ASN, Pulsar RUM-powered real-time user data, and more.   The NS1 filter chain engine automatically selects the best response based on the easy-to-configure rules you define. This gives you the power to route users based on which result will deliver the fastest response, highest throughput, or optimize CDN usage.  You get unprecedented control to test and operationalize traffic routing rules that solve critical problems, and can save you millions.

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Hybrid Infrastructure

Overcome Inconsistent Network Performance

As companies diversify their application delivery infrastructure, they gain capacity and reach, but they also have more inconsistency to manage. NS1 research shows that there are wide disparities at any point in time between the best-performing cloud or CDN in a region, and the worst-performing. And the best performer one day may be a relatively poor performer a day later. NS1 is focused on helping enterprises optimize traffic across hybrid infrastructures

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Real-Time Telemetry & Business Logic

Easy Cross-Cloud and Multi-CDN Management

Intelligent traffic management from NS1 makes it easy to implement a multi-CDN, multi-data center, or multi-Cloud infrastructure that puts you in control. You can start with NS1's unique Filter Chain capabilities to create a set of rules that simply direct traffic to the preferred facilities based on the country, state, or ASN of your users. From there, you can build more sophisticated traffic management using NS1’s intelligent RUM engine, Pulsar, enabling real-time performance telemetry and business logic. Pulsar performs billions of real-time measurements to CDNs and Cloud facilities, or you can send us data from your networks and data centers worldwide to make sure users are routed to the optimal point of presence at any given time. The capabilities are all fully integrated into the NS1 platform. NS1 makes it easy to deliver the best application performance at optimized cost.

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